10 essential truths about life that will blow your mind open

We are so trapped in our mundane daily routines that we often forget what the essence of life is actually about. As we trouble our minds with everyday tasks, we fail to make enough space for what truly matters. We are too busy worrying about things that have no significance to stop and smell the flowers.

But we forget one crucial detail: We have the power to change that. We have the ability to challenge our views and create a better environment for our minds to flourish. It is all up to us.

Here are 10 essential truths that will open your mind and help you thrive:

1. Live in the moment and appreciate every second of it.

Your actions in the present matter the most. Indeed, the past helped you get here, but the future is uncertain. So, the day you have been granted the moment you opened your eyes in the morning is where you should invest your energy. Therefore, even though it sounds like a total cliché – live in the moment.

2. Everything you need is already here. 

As long as you find balance within yourself, you will have everything you need right where you are. Look around – you might be missing on amazing things while wishing for more. True happiness is something you create and nurture, not something you chase.

3. Worrying is absolutely fruitless.

When you waste precious energy worrying about things, you actually create a negative scenario in the back of your mind. You see the future in an unfavorable light without having a clue what it truly holds. So, please, try to avoid overthinking and worrying about things you cannot control. It’s useless.

4. Choose equanimity.

Developing resilience in the mad world we live in is essential. As Ethan Nichtern, a writer and Buddist teacher, says, “Equanimity is not about pretending that things don’t affect you. Equanimity is actually about realizing that everything affects you, and learning to stay present with that truth.”

5. This too shall pass.

Sooner or later, everything must pass. That’s the circle of life. All the bad moments will pass, but so will all the good ones. And that’s alright. So, if you are currently struggling, know that this too shall pass.

6. Clinging leads to suffering.

Having expectations and clinging to them often makes you suffer in the end, as things don’t always work out the way you want. When you think a certain situation would go one way, and then it goes so much differently than you have imagined it, you can easily fall into a vicious cycle of complaining, anger, and disappointment. If you try to avoid clinging to your expectations and accept the things you cannot control just as they are, you might spare yourself a lot of suffering.

7. Meditation is good for your soul.

All forms of meditation are created to help your mind and soul find the harmony they need to function properly. If you feel as if you could use a little mental decluttering, you can integrate meditation into your life by pausing for a mental break regularly throughout the day. Sometimes 30 seconds may be just the time you need to clear your headspace and calm your soul.

8. Don’t be small-minded. Be mindful.

By definition, mindfulness is “the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” However, you should also be attentive to the fact that your mind is as vast as the sky. Whenever you feel trapped by your own thoughts, remind yourself that the sky is the limit. This way, you would be able to ease your soul and make way for more positive and creative thinking.

9. Practice creative visualization.

When you visualize your dreams in your head in detail, you have a clearer picture of what you are aiming for. What this gives you is a boost of motivation to actually work on achieving those dreams and turning them into reality. Bring in all the senses and feelings you have into visualizing the future you want, and you will find the driving force you need to make it happen.

10. Appreciate your friends more.

It could be arguable, but history has proven millions of times that true friendship is the most important relationship you could ever establish. As they say, friends are the family we chose ourselves. Besides, some of the best marriages work exactly because they started off as friendships. So, take a look at your friends and thank them for making your life a little brighter.

Hopefully, these spiritual truths about life would help you move forward with an open mind and a desire to follow your dreams. If you know of another way to become more mindful, we would love to read it in the comment section!

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