10 brutal truths about life that will help you get your act together

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you need to get to the basics fast and cut the nuisances out of your life so you can devote time on the things that are important to you.

In this article, we will take a look at 10 brutal truths that most of us are too scared to admit.

However, as brutal as they may be, they can also help us get our act together and make the most of our lives while we still can.

Have a look at them below:

1. People don’t really care as much as you expect they should 

Of course, there are some people who do care, but you have to come to terms with the fact that you’re not the center of the universe. Not everything revolves around you and no one wants to listen to your constant whining.

2. Life is meaningless if you don’t have a goal

Without goals and working towards something, life is meaningless as you are living with no direction. Goals help us make the distinction between important and trivial matters, and this, in turn, aids us in focusing on the present moment and enjoy what life truly has to offer.

3. What others think about you should be none of your concern

Worrying about what other people say or think about you is not only a total waste of time but it’s also foolish. The truth is, no matter how well you treat people, there will always be those who talk badly behind your back, try to put you down, and even wish to destroy your reputation.

There is no point in trying to live up to other people’s expectations, to always please them, and seek their validation. It’s only you who should be determining the course of your life because YOU are the master of your life.

You need to remember that the opinions of others don’t and cannot determine your self-worth.

4. Money won’t buy you happiness

Life is not about accumulating, but about giving. Sure, you need some money to survive, but beyond that, what is the point?

With lots of money, you can buy lots of “stuff”, but this “stuff” will only give you short-term satisfaction. And what happens when the short-term satisfaction fades away? You start chasing it over and over again in a never-ending loop of desiring.

Real happiness comes from inner peace.

Researchers from San Francisco State University found that those who spent money on experiences rather than items were happier and also felt their money was better spent.

5. Trying to be perfect will end you

Standing in front of the mirror while counting your flaws will age you prematurely. Do not waste another precious second trying to be anything else than your true self.

6. Success comes through failure

Failure is unavoidable in your life unless you don’t take the risks you need to take to succeed.

Yet so often we try to avoid failure because it makes us feel bad about ourselves.

What we have to realize is that failure always gives us the best lessons in life. Now is the time to stop fearing failure as it may be your stepping stone toward success.

7. Worrying is created by the mind and does not offer any value to your life

Do you think worrying can change what’s going to happen anyway? If not, then be sure, it’s a waste of time.

Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh said it best:

“Worrying does not accomplish anything. Even if you worry twenty times more, it will not change the situation of the world. In fact, your anxiety will only make things worse. Even though things are not as we would like, we can still be content, knowing we are trying our best and will continue to do so. If we don’t know how to breathe, smile, and live every moment of our life deeply, we will never be able to help anyone. I am happy in the present moment. I do not ask for anything else. I do not expect any additional happiness or conditions that will bring about more happiness. The most important practice is aimlessness, not running after things, not grasping.” 

8. Spend time with your loved ones because life is short

Eventually, everyone you know, including you, will die. And no one can change this.

So, while you still can, make sure to spend enough quality time with and appreciate your loved ones. Hug them, kiss them, and show them how much you love them.

9. Thinking and doing are two entirely different things

Dreaming is great but useless it’s followed by actions it’s meaningless. If you want to become a writer, start writing. If you want to become an artist, start painting.

The plans you have for your future are futile if you don’t act on them. You cannot just lay back, keep on dreaming and expect a miracle bird to drop success in front of your door, or bring you the love of your life, or get you the job you always wanted.

10. Share your wisdom with others

If you know something you think might be of help to others, share it with them. Do not let your ego get in the way.

Stand up for what you believe to be true and do not be afraid to speak and be heard. How is change ever going to come about when people do not have the courage to speak the truth?

Say your peace while you can.

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