10 clear signs he doesn’t want to be with you anymore

What if your partner has fallen out of love?

How can you tell whether your other half no longer feels like being yours? Which red flags should you look out for if you think he doesn’t want to be with you anymore?

Sometimes, men find it incredibly difficult to express their true feelings. They worry that if they say what they mean out loud, they might end up alone and misunderstood. Of course, women often have the same concerns.

But when a man falls out of love, he fears that being straightforward about his emotions might make him weak. The thought of hurting the woman who would do anything for him makes him anxious and confused. So instead of being honest and explain why he doesn’t love her anymore, he becomes distant and lets his actions speak for himself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that this way, he might end up hurting her even more.

If you have doubts that your partner might have fallen out of love, pay close attention to his actions.

Here are 10 signs your man doesn’t love you anymore(and is too afraid to admit it):

1. He acts suspiciously secretive.

There is not a single relationship where the couple knows absolutely every detail of each other’s lives. However, having secrets from one another is an entirely different story. If he refuses to inform you of where he goes, with whom he spends his free time, and why he is always late for dinner, chances are he is hiding something.

On top of that, if he always makes sure his phone is at a safe distance from you, and when he receives a notification, he goes to the other room to check it, you should definitely be concerned. Even if he doesn’t hide anything in particular, the secretive attitude itself shows that he doesn’t feel as comfortable around you as he once did.

2. He disregards your feelings.

Sadly, many relationships come to an end right after one of the partners loses interest in their significant other’s life. If your man doesn’t pay attention to your needs, ignores you, and often disregards your feelings, he may no longer love you the way he did.

Maybe he has even fallen out of love. Because when a man loves truly, his woman is his top priority, no matter what. He does everything in his power to make her feel like a queen. But when he doesn’t even bother to be involved in her life, he remains indifferent whether she is happy or not. He just doesn’t care.

3. No more ‘I love yous’. 

People say actions speak louder than words, but what happens when the love of your life stops saying the three magical words? Indeed, there are other ways to express your love than simply saying “I love you,” but it is still an essential part of any romantic relationship. If you suddenly stop hearing this from your partner, it would be absolutely understandable to be concerned about his feelings for you.

4. He has created a communication barrier.

The lack of communication is enough to kill any relationship. Having your man ignoring your needs is distressing enough, but when he starts avoiding talking to you, it could turn out to be even worse.

Not only has he lost interest in being involved in your life, but he no longer feels the need to talk to you about what truly matters to him. He no longer needs to confine to you, even though once you were the only person he could share his wildest dreams and darkest fears with.

When he doesn’t even try to reach out to you anymore, there might be no point for you to try to fix things either. No matter how much it hurts, if you cannot talk to one another like you used to, and being in each other’s company feels suffocating, parting ways may be the best decision for both of you.

5. He doesn’t have plans for the future involving you.

Even though he may talk with you about his future plans, you are nowhere to be found within them. When he mentions his goals, his focus is always on his career, prosperity, even family life, but you are never in the picture. This is a clear indicator that he has no interest in continuing his life path with you beside him.

6. He starts acting disrespectful.

A man in love is a man who respects his woman’s boundaries and makes sure she knows how much he values her. A man who has fallen out of love and holds grudges against his partner is a man who behaves disrespectfully toward his woman, even when there are other people around.

Is your significant other rude to you when you are alone? Does he humiliate you in front of others without considering how his actions would affect your mental health?

If your other half behaves so ignorantly towards you, showers you with mean comments instead of compliments, and makes you feel worthless on purpose, he most likely doesn’t want to be your other half anymore. Perhaps, he is just too scared to admit it.

7. He compares you to other women.

“You should be more like her.” Yeah, right. There is nothing more annoying and hurtful at the same time than hearing your man telling you to be more like someone else. Not only is he implying that he doesn’t accept you just as you are, but he also makes you feel less than, which is mentally harming.

It gets even worse when he compares you to his ex or his mother. Because when he doesn’t see your true beauty inside and out, and he openly says you should change something about your appearance or your character, he actually says he doesn’t like you anymore. In other words, he wants you to be someone else.

8. He gets frustrated at everything you do or say.

The beginning of a romantic relationship is a marvelous experience. Everything about your loved one fascinates you. You cannot wait to learn more about them and get to know their real, unfiltered self. Spending time with them feels like a neverending fairytale. And then, one day, you wake up and witness how your partner gets mad at every single thing you do.

When things he used to love about you start irritating him, he has probably lost interest in you. Perhaps he is tired of being in a relationship and doesn’t know how to express it as a mature human being, so instead, he blames you for everything and constantly criticizes you. It is easier to make the other one guilty when you are scared to face your own feelings.

9. He doesn’t feel the need to apologize.

Even when he knows he is wrong, he never apologizes to you. He no longer needs your forgiveness, and he doesn’t care if you are mad at him or hurt by his unacceptable attitude.

However, when you mess something up, even if it was unintentional, he makes sure you feel guilty for what you have done. He demands you to apologize at once, and after you do, he finds other ways to make you regret your mistake. This is a perfect example of narcissistic behavior.

10. He doesn’t care when you are feeling down.

When a person loves truly, they are willing to move mountains only to make their partner smile. In times when their loved one is upset, they are ready to do whatever it takes to change that. But when love is no longer in the picture, things are completely different.

What does your man do when you are feeling down? Does he comfort you and help you face your fears? Does he try to lift your spirits and make you smile again? If he does, then you are one lucky woman.

But if he doesn’t, he may no longer feel connected to you to a level when he feels down when you feel down. After all, when you are in love, you cannot be happy if your other half is sad. There is a special bond between two lovers that allows them to feel each others’ pain, so they could get through the hardship together. When this bond is broken, remaining a couple becomes fruitless.

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