4 Signs Your Narcissistic Partner Is Preparing To Discard You

A narcissist will discard you when they no longer need you.

Narcissists are manipulative and deceitful. They lack empathy and feel no guilt when using the people around them. Initially, a narcissist will be charming, generous, and kind as they attempt to trick you into trusting them. After they gain your trust, they will continue to manipulate, control, and deceive you until they get what they want. Unfortunately, once they no longer need you, they will discard you in the most brutal of ways. Unsurprisingly, the victims of narcissistic abuse are left feeling confused and afraid as they cannot understand what has happened. If you think that your narcissistic partner is getting ready to discard you, walk away before they can inflict even more damage.

There are four signs that they are preparing to leave you.

1. They suddenly criticize you for things they once found charming.

At the beginning of your relationship, they complimented and even bragged about you. If you have noticed that they suddenly have nothing good to say and that they always judge you, they are getting ready to cut you loose.

2. They have begun to tear you down.

While they may have been supportive at the start of your relationship, they no longer seem to have any faith in you. This means that they have begun to tear you down, point out your flaws, and even discourage you from following your dreams. They might be mocking your aspirations and telling you that you will never succeed.

3. They have started showing interest in other people.

Before a narcissist leaves, they need to be certain that they have found someone else to move on to. In other words, they will begin to openly flirt with other people. Initially, they will gaslight you as they try to persuade you that you are mistaken. Eventually, however, they will no longer even hide their interest.

4. They no longer care at all.

Almost completely out of the blue, your narcissistic partner will stop caring about the way they hurt you. What is worse, you will feel lost and invisible as they will ignore you when you confront them. At this final and most painful stage, the narcissist will no longer even try to excuse their behavior.

If the narcissist in your life has started preparing to discard you, walk away before they do.

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