8 Clear Indications Your Relationship Is Going Downhill

Why do we not see the red flags before a relationship goes downhill?

Why does separation catch at least one party by surprise? If we look back at the start of a relationship, we can see plenty of red flags in retrospect that for some reason we chose to ignore. But you’d want to be able to recognize those signs for what they are so you can either fix what’s broken or run for the hills before you’ve caught yourself up in something nasty. And that is why we’ve picked out the 8 biggest red flags you should be looking out for before it’s too late.

1. Poor communication

Perhaps the most common and usually first sign that a relationship is going sour is a lack of communication. If one of the people involved feels like they have no proper connection with their partner, reducing communication is normally the first thing they do. And that is a sign of emotional retreat. Poor communication can quickly lead to silly misunderstandings and heated arguments.

2. Changes in behavior

Has your partner been acting a little off? Maybe they’ve been distant or trying to spend more time away from you, and they just don’t seem to be “there” even when you’re together. Did your partner all of sudden change their regular routine and act angrily when you question them about it? What about sex? Have things changed for the worse? You need to take note of these changes and start investigating them.

3. They suddenly want to do more things on their own

Many couples are used to doing most things as a team, and when one partner suddenly decides to start doing things on their own, that might be a red flag right there. Are they taking more and more time to meet old acquaintances they haven’t seen in ages? Maybe they’ve started to take on more late shifts or exploring new places on their own? While this doesn’t automatically point to cheating, the first steps towards independence normally indicate the start of a fresh life…

4. They avoid talking about a shared future

You used to talk about your holiday plans, buying a house together, starting a family and so on. But now, your partner seems to stay silent any time you mention one of these things. And they may get irritated if you try to press them about the matter. This is a definite sign that your partner might already have started planning to continue their life without you.

5. They ignore your calls/messages

If you take a good look at the past, you will recall how easy it used to be to get in touch with your other half. They answered the phone 9 times out of 10 and immediately replied to your texts unless something prevented them to do so. But now, they almost never pick up the phone and don’t even bother calling you back or answer your texts for hours. This is a clear sign that your partner is thinking about moving on.

6. Secretive calls or texts

Your partner has started keeping their mobile device by their side at all times and seem quite secretive about who they’re communicating with. Maybe you notice them getting up and going to another room to talk so you won’t be able to hear or take a peek at their messages. If this has started to happen, then it might be time for a serious talk.

7. They avoid intimate eye contact

Having strong eye contact in a relationship is crucial when it comes to intimacy. Sadly, a lack of it is one of the final signs that your relationship has run its course. Your partner has started avoiding eye contact with you, and this could be because, for some reason, they feel guilty, or they realized that they don’t love you anymore and are unsure about how to tell you. At this stage, your partner might already be in the process of making plans to leave you…

8. Strange confessions

Erupting and making strange confessions is part and parcel of every ending relationship. Your partner may start saying shocking things you didn’t know like they don’t like your family, find your points of view on certain topics to be ridiculous, or hate your friends. They can be quite aggressive when they express these things and use them to start fights with you. Such confessions are clear signs that your relationship is on the ropes and you shouldn’t take them lightly.

If you can recognize some or all of these signs in your relationship, it’s either time to have a serious talk with your partner or pack your bags. Carefully think about it, and be sure to make a choice you won’t find yourself regretting later.

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