10 admirable behaviors of INFJs

INFJs are understanding, caring, and kind.

They have a powerful intuition that helps them see through people’s fake smiles. While the harsh, hostile world may sometimes discourage them, they have eyes for beauty in all of its forms, which gives them hope.

Do you consider yourself an INFJ?

Here are 10 praiseworthy personality traits of INFJs:

1. They are empathetic.

People with INFJ personalities are deeply sensitive and understanding. They feel truly delighted when they can be helpful to others. These highly empathetic individuals are able to see the pain through someone’s smile and offer them a caring shoulder to cry on if they need to.

2. They have a heart of gold.

Along with INFJs’ empathetic nature, they are also incredibly warm-hearted. Whenever they have a chance to make someone else’s day a little brighter, they are genuinely willing to go the extra mile.

3. They have eyes for the truth.

Their decency is truly one of a kind because it helps them see the true colors of the ones around them. It gives them clarity on who is being genuine and who is trying to take advantage of their kindness. This valuable knowledge is vital, especially when they are building heartfelt relationships.

4. They appreciate the little things.

Every person with INFJ traits has eyes for beauty in all of its forms. They get inspired by the sound of a touching melody, the sight of a dazzling painting, the mellow vibes of someone’s natural appearance. All these things and more make their souls shine.

5. They crave meaningful conversations.

INFJs are definitely not into small talk. They prefer engaging in deep, meaningful conversations with people that bring value to their lives.

6. They need to be understood.

People with INFJ characteristics are well aware that their inner world is quite complex and odd for others to understand it. They know that they are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, they wish to be met with the same level of empathy they treat the ones around them.

7. They are devoted to their partners. 

Whenever an INFJ starts a relationship with someone, they make sure they are fully committed to that person. Their admirable devotion makes their romantic bonds unbreakable. Besides, their ability to see the truth implies that they would never get involved with someone who would lie to them or betray their trust. Therefore, they build strong relationships.

8. They are authentic

INFJs are amongst the most reliable and honest people you will ever meet. They are loyal to their friends, devoted to their partners, and kind to everyone they interact with. Anyone who knows and loves an INFJ is truly blessed.

9. They feel deeply and passionately.

If you have an INFJ personality, then you are someone who is emotionally intense. This means that every single feeling that goes through your soul, heart, and mind is incredibly powerful. Whenever you love, you love with your whole being. Whenever you are hurting, every single cell of your body aches. Unfortunately, you are often misunderstood and deemed ‘too sensitive’ because others are not as intensely emotional as you are.

10. They stand out from the crowd. 

They have a strong sense of justice and a free-spirited nature that encourages them to bravely express their opinion. What’s more, they don’t follow the crowd – they follow their hearts. That is why they would never let anyone try to manipulate their decisions or control their lives.

Do you have an INFJ personality? Are there other key characteristics of INFJs people need to be aware of? Let us know in the comment section!

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