YouTuber gains 3 million views by staring into space for over 2 hours

Muhammad Didit’s video was viewed by over 3 million people.

On July 10, the Indonesian Youtuber (username sobat miskin official) uploaded a video that was 2 hours, 20 minutes and 53 seconds long. Surely, if this has received over 3 million views then it must be useful, insightful or informative, right? Wrong.

Didit spent over 2 hours doing nothing but staring into space!

According to the Daily Star, Didit told Indonesian news site Tribun News that he had initially planned to record the video for only 10 minutes. However, once he had sat down to do it, he had ended up recording it for over two hours. The Youtuber had taken everything into consideration as he had gone to the bathroom and eaten food before making the video. He’d thought of everything in advance but explained that he was worried his parents would call him: “If I don’t answer them, I’ll get into trouble”.

What was the inspiration behind this now viral video? 

Funnily enough, Didit got inspired by his critics as the Daily Star reports that they had commented on his food experiment videos saying that they wanted content that was “more positive and educational”. This video was his sarcastic response. Furthermore, according to 9GAG, the Youtuber had told Tribun news that he was surprised by the amount of views this had received as he’d said:

Yes, I didn’t expect it at all, because I only intended to make the video for my subscribers.

Over 25,000 people have commented on the Youtuber’s video.

Some of these comments include:

  • Most people: you can’t earn money if you sit here doing nothing
    This guy: hold my beer
    (Architect HP)
  • A man doing nothing for 2 hours.
    Literally 3 million people: Interesting. . .
  • plot twist: he was watching a movie

The video that has been watched by over 3.2 million people can be seen here: 

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