Your Wound Is Not Your Fault, But Healing Is Your Responsibility

You suffered immensely. You lost your self-worth, your heart, and your soul. 

You’ve gone through a soul-crushing heartbreak so hurtful that it buried all your hopes and dreams out of sight. You were taken advantage of, humiliated, toyed with, and then thrown away. They crushed your heart to pieces and turned your world upside down. They took away all the things that you cherished and left you traumatized beyond recognition. And the scars they inflicted upon you keep reminding you of the pain that you suffered.

But please know, none of this was your fault.

The things that you were forced to live through did not manifest because you asked for them. You did not deserve to be treated like that. You did not deserve the agony and suffering. What happened to you was something you never thought could possibly happen. However, sadly it did. And now you are here and have no other choice but to try and dust yourself off and keep on going.

You are where you are and it’s time to move forward.

You are doing whatever you can to wipe off your memory from the dark past. You are trying to find a way through the emotional swamp you have found yourself in. Doing your best to remain intact as a human being.

You are trying to find a way to get back on track, but there’s an enormous force that stands in your way, only to remind you of your failures. A voice that keeps on appearing, telling you how nothing will ever be the same again.

And you are afraid. You fear the inside of your own head. You are terrified because you don’t want to live in this hell. You don’t know how much more you will be able to take.

But there is a way out…

To be able to move on and finally open a new page in your life, first, you have to confront the demons inside of you. You have to accept the past to be able to start the process of healing. You have to come to terms with the pain as a part of you and let it come at you. And then you need to look at yourself and say, “This is me, lost and broken, but I will find the inner strength to pull myself out of this mess!”

The pain that you’ve gone through may not have been your fault, but the process of healing is all on you. It is the least you can do for yourself after such a series of devastating experiences. You must take the first step into the vast unknown, filled with potential. To come face to face with the things that terrify you but must be dealt with. To work through the agonizing memories and bring a new, exhilarating light into your life.

To change. To overcome. To evolve. To live to your full potential.

Waiting around for those feelings to simply dissolve into nothing is not a solution. It will not take the pain away. It won’t bring you the peace you desire. It will only prolong the suffering. At the end of the day, you have to keep one thing in mind. We were not put on this planet to go through life unharmed. The waters were never meant to be constantly smooth.

It’s all about the journey. It’s about the way it changes, hurts, inspires, and motivates you. But first and foremost, it’s about how you choose to react to it.

So, who will you play in your story? The hero or the victim?

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