Your Children Didn’t Ask To Be Born And You Shouldn’t Treat Them Like They Owe You

Yes, you should be treated with respect by your kids and they must show you that you truly matter to the lives, but you should not be treating them like they owe you.

You are the person who gave your children life but that does not equal you owning them. They are independent people and should be treated as such. Parenting can be extremely difficult, but instead of being hard on your children, you should work as a team to make life better for the sake of the whole family.

When you’re feeling down and things are not working out, don’t take it out on your children.

Take some time to recharge your batteries and return to the issues at hand when you’re feeling better. Talk things out with your kids and do so without making it all worse.

Sure, you might have a right to feel angry about your child not treating you with the respect you deserve but that does not mean you should start acting all crazy about it. Try looking at the situation from both angles. Have you done something that may have triggered a counter-reaction from them? If so, don’t hesitate to admit your fault and hear them out.

One of the most difficult things about being a parent is being able to reach a middle point between being tough and good. Needless to say, you want the best for your children, both emotionally and physically. But in order to achieve this, your kids should be willing to openly talk to you about anything that troubles them.

Surely, if you felt misunderstood by your parents when you were a child, you wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to your children as they grow up. 

The process of growth and development needs to be taken seriously and you must avoid – at any cost – treating your children like possessions. Otherwise, they will likely turn against your when they get older and start to see things more clearly. And they will fight with everything they have to prove to you that they are their own people.

Would you not prefer your kids to grow up with a sense of self? Avoid turning them into little versions of yourself or forcing them to do the things you could never do. Let them choose their own path in life and do everything you can to nurture their talents. You’d be surprised with the things they’re capable of and how proud they will make you if you let them become who they were destined to become.

Yes, you created them and you love them with all your heart, but you must not forget to give them the freedom they need to reach their own greatness.

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