You will regret losing HER till the rest of your life

You know who she is. And not only you will regret losing her, but you will never forget her till the rest of your life.

She is the woman who gave you all of her time end energy because she believed in you. She loved you unconditionally and supported all of your dreams. This woman accepted you the same at your best and your worst.

She appreciated you for who you are. Her goodness and authenticity were admirable. She never made you doubt her loyalty because she was devoted to you and your relationship. And her compassionate nature made her always forgive you and understand every different side of your behavior, no matter how rough it was sometimes. She gave you many second chances you didn’t acknowledge.

Her empathy was amongst the many things you took for granted. She always understood when you needed your privacy and when you wanted to be left alone. And she was always there for you whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on. Besides, this woman was intelligent enough to know that you needed time to work on achieving your own goals.

Sadly, she often neglected her own dreams to support yours, and yet, you couldn’t appreciate her.

You missed the woman you could always count on and share everything with. She was the kind of woman who would always help you go through your troubles, and will never leave your problems unsolved. She would often leave her own life behind, just to be there for you and to help you overcome your struggles.

What’s more, this kind heart of hers truly believed in your potential. She saw greatness in you when no one else did. She never doubted you for a second. Even in times when you didn’t believe in yourself, she was making any effort possible to boost your self-esteem and encourage you to follow your dreams.

This woman loved you deeply, with all her heart. She invested every last bit of her energy to make sure you feel loved and appreciated. And she was proud she was your girl. She wore her heart on her sleeve, with the confidence of a woman who was honored to be with a person like you. She was never ashamed to show her feelings for you or to be seen holding your hand because she loved the fact she was yours.

Her soul was remarkably pure and genuine.

And because she loved you so passionately, she let you see her in her most vulnerable, exposed, and helpless form. She never expected you to hurt her or take advantage of her. That’s why she let you so close to herself. That’s why she let you see parts of her soul no one has ever seen before.

The only thing she was afraid of was losing you. You were the most valuable person in her life, even when she felt you weren’t feeling the same anymore. And even when she was no longer your top priority, you were always hers. Your relationship meant everything to her.

No matter how bad you’ve hurt her, she never dared to hurt you back.

Not because she was afraid of you, but because she loved you too much to do such a terrible thing to you. That’s why she never gave you a taste of your own medicine.

Yet, you didn’t have the eyes to see her outstanding selflessness. You became indifferent to her kindness, compassion, and tenderness. But her kindness wasn’t her weakness. She wasn’t blind to see your true intentions. She wasn’t someone you could neglect forever. And she was definitely not someone you could play your nasty little mind-games with. The second you tried to manipulate her, she let you know your attempt will be meaningless.

She loved you, but she wasn’t someone you could easily fool. And regardless of how much it hurt her, she was brave enough to let you go the moment you mistreated and disrespected her. Once she felt your love for her was gone, she had the courage to move on without you. Because as much as she loved you, she loved and respected herself more.

Even when you broke her heart into a million pieces, she remained strong and graceful.

She let you know that if you don’t appreciate her, then someone else will. Someone who will see the greatness in her and will treat her the way she deserves. The one who will love her with the same passion and affection she loved you.

One day, you will realize that letting her slip away was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made. You will remember her stunningly beautiful face till the rest of your days. You will see her in every woman you meet.

And you will regret breaking her heart and losing her, just because you couldn’t see the beauty of her soul.

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