You will never be good enough for the wrong man, or woman.

Love can make us do silly things, and sometimes love can make us blind.

Blind to the fact that all the effort and all the love we put into the relationship is just not good enough.

Why is that so?

You see, no matter how many times you justify the neglect, disinterest, and clear ungratefulness you will just not be good enough for the wrong man, or woman. You know the saying, “If it’s meant to be, it will be?” well, if it’s not meant to be, it’s NOT meant to be.

You invested your mind, body and soul into your relationship and all you got back was lousy half arsed kisses and meaningless thank you’s. When you chose to go above and beyond, your efforts were met with unsatisfactory responses leaving you to believe that it wasn’t good enough.

You’ve been lead to believe (by their responses) that your actions and efforts are not good enough, or worth their approval.

The truth is, you will never be good enough for someone who just isn’t ready to receive your love and affection. 

Some people are in need of deep healing and those of us who have spent time loving ourselves know how to give love without expecting it to be reciprocated in the exact way it was given. People who have little self-love have a different view of love and when given love and attention often think that they are “entitled” to it, therefore, they have no issues acting like a spoilt brat when the love or attention isn’t given to them in the exact way they wanted it to be given, hence the constant disapproval.

You’ve spent endless days and nights wondering why they treat you this way and why your efforts aren’t good enough.

Sometimes you wonder whether you should even bother anymore. The thing is, he/she isn’t the one for you, they may have been for a time, but it’s important to ask yourself if the person you’re with is contributing to your growth as a human, if they’re sucking your very essence by using you, then it’s time to let them go.

They aren’t bad people, they’re just unaware of what real and true love feels like because they most likely haven’t ever given or received it. Unfortunately, being unaware of how true and unconditional love feels can make a person reject it and in turn make the person giving it feel unworthy.

Leaving can be hard, especially when you know that they have the capability to change. Have you ever thought that maybe the only way for them to change is if you leave and give them space to change?  Comfortability is a warm and cozy place but nothing ever grows there.

You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own. If he or she makes you feel as though you are responsible for their happiness, be aware, this a classic and toxic manipulation trick used to keep you in the palm of their hands.

It’s so easy to lose sight of your own mental and emotional well being when you are constantly caring for the wellbeing of your partner, however, when that partner is almost always ungrateful it becomes clear that maybe you need to spend some time apart so that he or she can learn to appreciate your presence and all the things you do for them.

Sticking around because you love him or her is not worth the constant emotional rollercoaster they put you on. Don’t subject yourself to a life of constant disapproval because the truth is, you will never be good enough for the person who isn’t ready to appreciate your love.

Instead of wasting your precious time and love on someone who doesn’t appreciate it, give it to yourself and family. The right man or woman will come into your life at the right time and will love and appreciate everything you do for them from the get go.

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