You Don’t Need A Man, You Need A Hero

Are you an independent woman who is struggling to find love in the face of a simple man?

Did you have your heart broken because you didn’t receive the loyalty and acceptance you needed? This article is dedicated to all the strong ladies out there who need even stronger men to love and support them. Ladies who need a hero in their life.

You are a powerful intelligent woman who has her own type of chaotic beauty.

Life has taught you that you have done it all by yourself and you often have the feeling that your partner just doesn’t understand you. Don’t you ever think that there is something wrong with you. What you need is someone who will cherish you for the way you are and who will give you strength and protect your heart.

You need a hero.

A person who is brave and courageous. A lionheart who will love you for your wild energy and will admire your powerful spirit. He will look at you as if you are magic. Your passionate soul will enchant his mind. He will appreciate you for your accomplishments and adore you with all your flaws.

No, this has nothing to do with the imaginary prince Charming from your childhood fairytales.

This is about the man who will be there for you. The one who will go through fire to keep you safe. The one who will encourage your impulsiveness rather than break your spirits. His soul will match yours and all of your broken pieces will find their way back together.

This hero of yours probably has the same experience with relationships as you.

He was always there for his lady but she never appreciated that. She never understood his wildness and his hotblooded passion for life. Neither she saw his willingness to face all the challenges it takes to make her feel exceptional. Maybe this made him think that he was meant to be alone for the rest of his journey. Maybe you feel the same way.

Your heart may have been broken but keep your hopes up because your hero is somewhere there. Just remember that you don’t need to change yourself or to adapt to a certain society just to fit in. You are you and that’s amazing. You deserve to be yourself and you have to embrace that. You need to learn how to love yourself. There is someone out there who will treasure you and will give you the lift you need.

Fight for your own fairytale.

When this special someone comes your way, your journeys will transform into one marvelous adventure. So accept your flaws, embrace your wonderful personality and let the universe do its job. Your hero is out there. You just have to keep your hopes high and believe that you are worth it. Once you meet him you will see how amazing it is to be yourself without fearing judgment. You will feel liberated and your wild soul will be at peace. Give love one more chance and you will undoubtedly find your hero.

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