Yoga Goddess wins over social media with provocative workout routine

Everyone is obsessed with the ‘Yoga Goddess’ that promotes healthy living by stretching in provocative positions. 

  • The internet is currently buzzing with this upper body yoga workout video with a spicy element. 
  • Hwang Ahyoung, a Korean yoga instructor, caught the eye of thousands of social media users with her seductive stretching positions.
  • Many claim this video has motivated them to start practicing yoga more often. 
Credits: 워너글램 / YouTube

We are all aware that there are many advantages to doing yoga. For instance, practicing it regularly decreases stress, relieves anxiety, and helps us fight depression, which is tremendously beneficial for our mental health. What’s more, it can also advance our physical well-being by promoting healthy habits that lead to an improved quality of life.

While all of these things can be deemed common knowledge, there is an interesting reason why many people recently decided to start doing yoga.

Credits: 워너글램 / YouTube

Last year, the yoga instructor Hwang Ahyoung posted a video on her YouTube channel about maintaining a good posture by stretching. Although it’s been a year since the video was posted, the internet is now crazy about the moves of the ‘Yoga Goddess’. It’s all thanks to a netizen who shared the yoga routine on 9GAG.

While the stretching workout is focused on the shoulders and the upper body, it definitely delivers quite intriguing sights.

In just 12 minutes, the Korean yoga instructor explains the benefits of training your shoulders and shows a full workout that also works for your entire upper body, including arms, neck, and trapezius. But her tutorial is nothing like the rest. The different exercises Ahyoung displays have caught the eye of thousands of social media users with their provocative appearance.

Credits: 워너글램 / YouTube

On Facebook, where the jaw-dropping video gathered over 31k likes and was shared nearly 2,000 times, one person commented:

“I’m sure just looking at her doing yoga and stretching is beneficial for your health.”

Another added:

“I haven’t blinked in 12 minutes 😂

What do you think of the Yoga Goddess workout routine? Did it motivate you to start practicing yoga? Let us know in the comment section!

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