Women with big hearts and overthinking minds are hard to love. But it’s worth it!

Her heart is bigger than anyone can imagine. Her mind works in magical ways. She is the woman who will love you unconditionally and will never make you doubt her loyalty. This is the one worth holding on to.

Here are 7 reasons why loving a woman with a big heart and an overthinking mind is worth it. 

1. She has the most beautiful mind.

Her headspace is filled with complex thoughts. She sometimes gets caught up in overthinking, but that’s only because she wants to be aware of all the possible scenarios that could surprise her. The act of overanalyzing every potential situation is nothing but a defense mechanism she uses to protect her fragile heart from getting hurt again.

2. She acknowledges your effort.

This woman is not some naive girl that gets excited about expensive gifts. She is a lady who appreciated the little things in life. In her mind, it’s the small gestures that matter the most. She is one of the few people left who value thoughtfulness over money. A simple good morning’ text that will melt her heart means a lot more to her than the most lavish present you can afford.

3. She knows how to challenge you.

If you think that she will laugh at every single joke you tell or do certain things only to make you like her, think again. She is not an ignorant teen anymore. She is not going to leave you hints to make you notice her. Instead, she will provoke your mind and push you forward to invest in your personal growth, rather than waste your time with childish games.

4. She has a heart of gold.

When she loves, she loves with all her heart. Her genuine soul doesn’t know any other way. The depth of her love will have you wonder if you ever experienced such an intense feeling before. Sadly, it’s her pure heart and her habit of always seeing the good in people that makes her an easy target for those who intend to hurt her.

5. She listens.

She has the most empathetic soul. This makes her the perfect person to vent to and ask for a valuable piece of advice. Besides, she is fully aware of how difficult life may seem in times of despair, so she will never judge or criticize you. What’s more, she realizes that proper communication is an essential element of every relationship, so she wisely invests her time in improving both her listening and sharing skills.

6. She will never go for a half-ass relationship.

This woman is a ‘ride or die’ person. It’s either all or nothing with her. She knows what she has to offer in a relationship, and she has set high standards her partner needs to keep up with. Settling for less is not on her agenda. So, if you’re not ready for a real, passionate commitment, better don’t waste her time.

7. She is difficult to handle.

She is one of those girls with strong personalities that can be awfully difficult to deal with. But once she chooses you, she will open her heart and let you in her wild world. She will turn into your lover, best friend, and partner in crime. Once you get the chance to be with such a genuine, supportive, empathetic woman, make sure you never let her go because she’s truly one of her kind!

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