Women care about these 7 things during sex

Sex is a sensitive matter for both men and women.

However, oftentimes, men aren’t as emotionally involved in the intimate encounter as women are.

Females aren’t only physically engaged with their partners while having sex. A lady is overthinking nearly every single aspect of the whole intercourse. Her mind is filled with various thoughts, which makes her silently evaluate every single move she makes. She also thinks about how you treat her, do you make as much effort as she does, are you focusing all of your attention on her, are you bored. All she wants is for both of you to have a good time, but in her head, this takes much more than just physically engage with one another.

Here are 7 things women care about while having sex.

1. She worries whether or not you’re putting the same amount of effort as she is.

Sex should be sensual, passionate, and exciting. It should be fulfilling and satisfactory for both of the partners. Leaving her to do all the work is beyond selfish. It’s just not fair. Just like a romantic relationship, sex should be about giving and receiving. Why do you get to have the time of your life, while she’s left exhausted and unsatisfied?

2. She is insecure about the way she looks.

While being intimate with someone, you’re also being vulnerable. Oftentimes, both women and men are anxious about the way they look during sex, especially when it’s with a new partner. So, she is probably thinking, “Should I suck in my stomach? Should we do it with the lights off? How does this position make me look?” If you truly wish for your girl to have an amazing experience, make sure she feels beautiful in your presence. Look her in the eyes and tell her she’s gorgeous. It may seem simple, but it does wonders.

3. She needs you to be respectful of what she wants.

As sex should be a mutually satisfactory experience, being respectful of your partner’s needs is a must. If she says ‘no’, then don’t push her into doing things she wouldn’t normally accept. Guilt-tripping her into giving you what you want is not only immoral, but it will definitely ruin the bond you have already built. No one should ever feel pressured to do something they don’t want to. This implies not only to sex, but also to all aspects of life.

4. She is concerned about your hygiene.

Good hygiene is crucial for every single person. But it isn’t only about washing your hands 20 times a day. It’s about keeping your whole self clean. This is incredibly important when it comes to engaging in an intimate physical encounter. Think of this as a matter of effort. She spends hours in shaving herself, putting on heavenly-scented lotion that makes her skin all smooth and shiny, spraying herself with deodorant, perfume, and God knows what else. You could at least shower regularly, especially before you’re intending to heat things up with your girl.

5. She wants you to be focused on her.

Watching TV or scrolling through your social media feed while being intimate with your lady is a huge NO-NO. Sex should be engaging and sensual, not boring. If you’re not focused on your partner, you will make her feel nearly miserable. At such an affectionate moment, she needs your full attention. She needs to know she turns you on. And if you fail to show her you’re as excited about her as she is about you, she will soon lose interest as well.

6. She insists on protection.

Using protection while having sex is a must, especially for new partners. There are too many dangers that can easily affect both of you if you refuse to wear a condom just because ‘it doesn’t feel the same’. So please, be intelligent enough to respect your lady, and use protection while being intimate with her.

7. She doesn’t want to be your sex toy.

If your girl is still insecure about your feelings for her, she would most probably worry whether or not you are using her for sex. Slipping into your clothes and leaving her the second you finish is not going to provide her any assurance. If you’re planning to have a deeper connection with this woman, make sure you treat her right, both during sex and after. Talk to her, ask her how she feels, cuddle her. Don’t make her think you’re only interested in her body. It doesn’t take much effort, but it sure means a lot.

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