7 Things that Make a Woman Truly Beautiful

Author: Greg Popham

The ideas that surround beauty these days seem to have many women confused about what beauty really is. Beauty has nothing to do with makeup, clothing, or a dress size. Beauty is not something that you have or achieve, it is something that you have to become.

No matter who the beholder might be, these 7 things makes every woman beautiful:

1. Compassion

Feeling for others and having empathy is a really attractive attribute that beautiful people, in general, have. Being compassionate about something is a very beautiful thing. Whether it’s about the environment, animal rights, religion or something else, being compassionate is high on the list of being beautiful and it is definitely noticed by others. Physical attractiveness is only skin deep, compassion goes through to the bone. A woman or man that knows how to give and receive love is much more desirable than one that cannot.

2. Resilience

Going with the flow in a dynamic world is not always easy. The ability to bounce back from life changes is a strong attribute and is very attractive. This is the kind of person that can make others feel safe. Others will know that you can get through the tough times and still be there no matter what happens. Too often people just give up when presented with difficulties in their relationships and other matters. The ability to be resilient is very attractive. It shows that you can adapt to change and are likely to be able to deal with whatever comes your way.

3. Love for Others

Being able to love others separates you from those that cannot. Love for people, animals or the environment makes you attractive. Without the ability to love what else is there for others to love? Loving yourself may be a requirement to love others so start with yourself and then branch outwards. Soon, others will feel the love and that makes you very attractive.

4. Sensitivity

Knowing when others are hurting and the ability to feel emotions because you are sensitive is very attractive. If you don’t have any sensitivity to your feelings or those around you then you are just self-absorbed and not attractive. People that are sensitive are inherently beautiful because they always feel something. Crying over a sad movie or SPCA commercials is beautiful and a very sexy trait to have.

5. Commitment

Being committed to family, friends, hobbies or a cause is very attractive, no makeup needed. Committing yourself to someone or a cause makes you attractive to others. They know that you can make a commitment to someone or something and will appreciate that attribute in you.

6. Intelligence

Intelligence is always attractive. Everyone gets old and eventually may not be physically attractive. Those that have intelligence will always be attractive. Knowledge is empowerment and empowerment is sexy.

7. Energy

Have you ever had someone walk into the room and immediately the mood of everyone in the room changes? Having a positive energy affects others significantly. A negative energy will do the same but in an opposite way. Having a positive attitude affects everyone around you in a good way and makes you an attractive person. Stop whining and bitching and try to harness the good energy around you. You will instantly be attractive and your energy will make others feel better about themselves. Making someone else feel good with the energy that you bring to the room will definitely make you more attractive than a ‘Negative Nancy’.

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