Woman sues boyfriend for failing to propose after eight years of dating

One woman recently sued her boyfriend for not proposing to her after eight years of dating.

  • Gertrude Ngoma, 26, took her partner, Herbert Salaliki, 28, to court in Zambia.
  • In court, the woman asked her boyfriend to explain what his intentions truly are.
  • The couple has a child and the man has made a dowry payment but Ngoma is still living with her parents while her partner lives alone.
  • The woman also doubts her partner’s loyalty and thinks he is being unfaithful. 

Gertrude Ngoma took her boyfriend to court to find out what his intentions are.

The 26-year-old woman and her partner Herbert Salaliki have been together for eight years. They share a child but live separately as Ngoma lives with her parents and Salaliki lives alone. According to the Kenyan news site Tuko, Salaliki had made a dowry payment and promised to marry Ngoma. Now, Ngoma has taken him to court as he has not fulfilled this promise. Commenting on her relationship and the decision to sue her partner, Ngoma said, “He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future.”

In addition to this, Ngoma shared that she doubts her boyfriend’s loyalty.

Ngoma’s decision to sue her boyfriend was further influenced by her belief that he is being unfaithful. More specifically, she shared that she had concerns regarding his loyalty as she speculated that he is involved with another woman. Salaliki denied these claims and explained that the only reason he has not married Ngoma is that he cannot afford a wedding. Moreover, he blamed Ngoma for not giving him the attention that he believes he deserves.

Listening to both of their arguments, the judge suggested they reconcile.

The Mirror reported that following the hearing, the judge advised that Ngoma and Salaliki should reconcile. Moreover, the judge explained that since the couple is not married, the issue cannot be settled in court. Therefore, Ngoma failed at finding out her partner’s intentions and she must now decide whether she will wait patiently or leave him.

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