Warm Winter is Having a Strange Effect on Squirrels

Warm Winter is Having a Strange Effect on Squirrels

Here we are in the waning days of January, and it seems like Winter is nowhere to be found in certain parts of the country. Even parts of Europe are having an unusually mild winter. Although these warmer-than-usual temperatures aren’t having too bad of an effect on the humans who hate cold weather, they are presenting a unique problem for the squirrels of the world. They are getting really fat.
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Squirrels typically spend the late fall and early winter gorging themselves on food to build up fat for the harsh cold of winter. They don’t hibernate like other animals, so they have to build up those fat stores to survive. Because temperatures are staying warm and their food is staying plentiful, the squirrels are packing on the pounds like a fat kid in a cookie factory. People from all over North America and Europe are reporting larger-than-normal squirrels as they eat their way through the warm weather, and are taking to social media outlets to show off the tubby little rodents.

Scientists don’t think the effects will harm the squirrels as their metabolisms will naturally pick back up after the weather gets warm again, and there is still a chance for the normal cold winter weather that will put those fat stores to good use. Our furry friends should be back to their swimsuit body in no time, but in the meantime, there is no problem with admiring their pudgy little winter bodies in all of their cuddly glory. #FatSquirrel

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