Wild bear joins quiet family picnic in Maryland

Viral video depicts a wild bear joining a quiet, family picnic in Maryland. 

Caters News Agency has uploaded a video of a Maryland family having a quiet picnic with a surprise guest. The video depicts a group of four sat on a picnic table with a big, furry bear. While you may expect the family to stand up and quickly make their way away from the bear, they remain sat on the table, taking selfies.

According to the New York Post, 29-year-old Kaitlyn Nesbit who was picnicking in Deep Creek with her family explained that they were told not to make any sudden movements. What is more, Nesbit went on to explain that most of her family was “scared to death and filmed from the deck,” though “the brave tested their luck”. One such brave individual can be seen in the video as the man sat across the bear taps the animal on its nose. In addition to this, members of the group can be seen feeding the bear.

The group’s behavior has since been criticized on social media.

Lad Bible has stated that people have commented, warning that bears should not be fed in this manner. Furthermore, it is reportedly illegal to feed bears in Maryland. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources have issued the following advice:

DON’T FEED IT! Scare it away. Make loud noises, bang pans, or yell. Seeing bears can be very enjoyable. However, having a bear in camp can lead to problems that will persist long after you have gone home. If a problem becomes serious, your safety and the bear’s safety may become jeopardized.

It must be noted that this situation could have quickly escalated and become extremely dire. Thankfully, neither the bear nor the family has been harmed. In fact, Nesbit has claimed that according to the cabin owners, the bear visits regularly and has never bothered anybody.

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