Why losing your mother is one of the most painful things you will ever experience

A mother’s love is selfless, unconditional, and never-ending. Her arms are more comforting than anyone else’s. Her eyes are filled with pure tenderness. She devotes everything she has and everything she is to help you become the person you are today.

That is why losing your mother feels like losing yourself.

Only those who have lost their loving mothers know that this is amongst the toughest things someone could ever experience.

The pain never truly goes away. How can you stop aching for the loss of someone who was there for you at every step of your journey? How can you stop missing the person who was always by your side regardless of the hurdles before you? The soul-crushing truth is that you can’t.

Mothers teach us to believe in ourselves when no one else does. These powerful women are the reason we know what love, compassion, and kindness are. They guide us through all the challenges life brings us. Their devotion is like no other.

While a mother is capable of taking the place of all others, she herself is irreplaceable. Accepting her loss is a long and devastating process. Realizing that the person who cared for you the most is no longer beside you is detrimental.

You can never be the same after losing your mother.

She was your biggest admirer, your best friend, your rock. You could tell her everything on your mind, and she would never judge your choices. She would never make you feel alone or unwanted. Instead, she would give you the courage to keep moving forward.

Grieving is a deeply personal experience for everyone. But there are certain feelings we all experience. We all go through an emotional rollercoaster that hurts us, breaks us, makes us feel lost. Pain is inevitable, regardless of the way you cope with the struggle of losing a loved one, especially your mother.

As time passes, you eventually learn to live without her warm presence in your life. But you never stop missing her. You never stop needing her unconditional support, her valuable advice, her constructive critique, her wholesome blessing. The only thing that keeps you sane is knowing that she is still watching over you from heaven.

It takes a lot of time and patience to acknowledge and mentally-ingest the loss of your mother. Healing from such a traumatizing experience doesn’t happen overnight. Feeling all the feelings that flow through you while grieving is completely normal and understandable. So, don’t beat yourself up for still struggling to accept she is gone. You will get there. You just need a little more time.

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