Why it’s better to settle down late than to settle down with the wrong person

You don’t have to settle down at the exact time as your peers do. 

You don’t have to find your soulmate in your twenties. You don’t have to be in line with the rest just because the pressure is on.

It is wiser to wait until you’ve met the right person than to settle with someone while you’re young just for the sake of it.

If you’ve had difficult and soul-crushing relationships in the past, you should not have to feel bad about being a lone wolf for a while. In fact, you should feel pride for having the strength to endure the pain of loneliness until you’ve found the right one. You should be happy for not settling for just anybody.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of being single.

You can be using this time for working on yourself and growing in your career so that when one day you do settle down, you wouldn’t have to worry about your finances. There is no rule that can force you to settle down with someone your heart isn’t fully in touch with.

Even though your friends and colleagues have started to post photos of their weddings and newborn babies, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re getting left behind.

It’s better to do things right than rush into something you’ll most likely regret later on. Furthermore, not everyone meets their soulmate at a young age. Many people are meant to search a little longer. And that’s alright.

If you have to make a choice between being the last one in your friends circle to put on a ring or marrying the wrong person in order to fit in, then the first option should be the obvious choice. You should always choose true happiness and fulfillment before mindless conformity.

Take your time and don’t lose your patience.

Do not go on convincing yourself you should be married and have a house at a certain age. If you are not ready for marriage yet, then take things slowly. Don’t rush yourself into creating a family if you’re unsure about your feelings or if your financial situation is shaky.

If your relationship is meant to be, your other half won’t be going anywhere, no matter if you have a ring on your finger or not.

Don’t let the masses get into your head by telling you you should be rushing things “before it’s too late.”

Don’t let society pressure you into stepping inside the altar with someone you’re unsure about.

You should not have to feel pressure to marry the person you’re with because you’ve hit 30 and everyone around you has already tied the knot. Marriage should be a choice made purely on the basis of true love and an unshakable need to spend your life with that person because you simply cannot imagine existing without them.

So until you find the right one, you should not feel bad about staying single.

You should stick it out for the right one. You should promise yourself you’ll be patient enough to wait for true love because otherwise, you might just miss out on true love entirely…

Your time will come and happiness will shine upon you. Just keep on going.

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