Why having a dog helps you as an Introvert

If you are an introvert, and a dog lover, this article is for you! 

Having a pet is an amazing experience for someone with an introverted personality. It means having someone you can bond with even without saying a single word. No judgment, no silly questions. Just pure, selfless friendship.

Being a dog owner is truly something else. The connection between a person and their beloved pupper is unbreakable. That’s because while providing you companionship, loyalty, and trust, a dog also gives you unconditional love. And, as Robert Wagner once said, “If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

If you are still wondering why a dog is probably the best pet an introvert can have, keep reading!

Here are 4 reasons why having a dog makes your life as an introvert so much better: 

1. Having a dog is like having a best friend without the negative aspects of human relationships. 

A genuine friendship in its essence requires trust. And giving away your trust to people can be incredibly challenging, especially if you have been hurt before. But even if you haven’t suffered a betrayal, there are far too many examples in history of friends becoming enemies over the smallest things.

Of course, not all people are bad or don’t deserve your trust. But the chance of being betrayed by your dog is nowhere near when compared.

Having a dog means having someone who is grateful to have you. Our four-legged friends love us unconditionally and are there for us no matter what. They don’t care if we are poor, rich, introverted, or extroverted – they accept us for who we are and greet us with an unlimited amount of joy every time they see us.

2. Having a dog cures loneliness. 

Introverts do enjoy their alone time, but just like everybody else, they too feel lonely sometimes. Oftentimes. This is why they need a soul in their life that could ease the pain a little.

A dog’s unconditional love is the perfect cure for these gloomy moments. It won’t judge you or ask silly questions. It will simply wave its tail and make you realize that even when you get lonely, there is always someone who is incredibly thankful to have you in their life…

… even if this someone chews on your slippers from time to time.

3. Having a dog unlocks your adventurous side. 

Yes, introverts can also be courageous and take risks. They simply need a little push. Just like a dog jumps straight into a pile of leaves with unexplainable enthusiasm, introverts can jump into new adventures just as passionate.

Being a dog owner is a gift for so many reasons. One of them is that a dog can actually become your teacher. For example, it can teach you to take risks because life is far too short.

We usually outlive our beloved pets, and the pain of losing them is as strong as the pain of losing a family member or a friend. Witnessing them go makes us realize that we should cherish every single moment in our lives and we should never say no to an adventure.

4. Having a dog gives you something to talk about. 

Introverts may appear shy and quiet, but it isn’t because they don’t have what to say. In fact, they have a lot going on in their minds, but their craving for a meaningful conversation often stops them from engaging in small talks. It’s just not as fulfilling to talk with a random person about the weather as it is to conversate with a like-minded individual about topics you are truly passionate about.

However, sometimes you have to say something, even when you don’t really want to. In that case, having a dog means you always have something to discuss with others. Besides, almost everyone loves these fluffy sweethearts, so it would be a great thing to bond over with a friend, a colleague, or a family member.

Are you convinced that dogs make our lives so much better? Let us know in the comment section!

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