Why doing things alone is liberating, empowering, and necessary

How often do you go out by yourself?

Do you shy away from doing things, going places, or dining out just because you have no company? When was the last time you went to a coffee shop on your own, made a reservation for 1 at your favorite restaurant, or went to the movies by yourself? Many people miss out on things they want to do solely because they do not have anybody to do them with.

Stop getting in the way of your happiness

Many people explain that they do not go out on their own because they know that they will not enjoy it. They explain that there is no fun in going out without friends or company. However, more often than not, these people have also never actually taken themselves out on a date. They claim that they do not like it – but they have never done it. In other words, instead of doing things they want to do on a weekend, they end up staying home just because nobody wanted to go out. Why ruin a perfectly fine weekend just because you do not have someone to go somewhere or do something with?

I will not let anyone, including myself, hold me back anymore from fulfilling my heart desires even if this means I will have to do everything alone.

Mary Wright

You will get to know yourself better. 

By doing things on your own, you have very few distractions. When you take yourself out, you have only the thoughts in your head to keep you company. In other words, you make time for yourself to look inward and identify what you need or what you have been neglecting. What is more, you become more independent and free as you realize that you do not need anybody else in order to have fun and do things that you enjoy. Mary Wright explains that doing things on your own is ‘the most liberating and empowering experience’.

Life does not stop and wait for anyone.

Do not stop yourself from doing the things that you love. It is normal to have different interests from those around you. If you like hiking, swimming, or traveling then go on and hike, swim, or travel. Life is short and it does not stop for anyone. Make memories while you still can – even if you do so on your own.

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