Why are so many intelligent and sexy women still single?

Every day we witness more and more strong, intelligent, attractive women being single.

And the question that often pops in our minds is, “How is this amazing lady still riding solo?”. Some even wonder, “If a woman like this is alone, is there ever gonna be hope for me?”.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize that these powerful females are not alone because they think they’re better than everyone else. It’s because it’s extremely difficult to find a partner who would respect their personal growth, evolve with them, and love them for who they truly are.

A strong, self-reliant woman simply doesn’t have time for half-ass relationships. She knows exactly what she wants from her life, and she doesn’t stop until she fulfills her ambitions. And the best thing is when she accomplishes a goal, she doesn’t just chill. Instead, she strives for another one.

As impressive as this is, some people find this devotion intimidating.

Here are 7 reasons why so many confident, intelligent, sexy women are still single.

1. She doesn’t need a partner to feel complete.

A strong lady is already complete by herself. She doesn’t need to be someone’s other half. What she needs is to be with a person who would bring value to her life, not complete her.

2. She has high standards.

And she keeps up to them. So, she needs a partner who would do the same. Not only she is fierce and determined, but also perfectly aware of her worth. That’s why a woman like this would not accept someone whose passion for life isn’t matching hers.

3. She doesn’t need a Prince Charming.

This a grown-up woman with set standards and admirable aspirations. She is not a delusional girl who believes that everything in her life will be magically fixed once she meets her prince. The truth is she doesn’t need a savior, she needs a partner.

4. She puts a tremendous amount of effort into all areas of her life.

Just like in all the other aspects of her life, she is putting a lot of effort and devotion into her relationships as well. This independent woman doesn’t wait for things to get done, she takes action instead. Unfortunately, her ambition and commitment could be considered intimidating by some.

5. She is never a second option.

An intelligent woman like her would never tolerate being someone’s second best. She knows what she’s capable of and what she’s ready to give into a relationship, so she would never settle with being a second option. Her powerful personality would never allow her to put up with being disrespected like that.

6. She doesn’t tolerate nonsense.

You are either real and entirely honest with her, or you have no place in her life at all. All those mischievous little mind games some people are used to have no power over her. She sees through the facade and simply cuts the toxic ones out of her circle.

7. She may appear intimidating.

The sad truth is her fiery ambition, her passion for life, and her determination to achieve anything she wants is actually intimidating people instead of inspiring them. But this doesn’t let her down, it motivates her. She is fully aware that if someone genuinely wants to be a significant part of her life, they would recognize her power and will love her for it, instead of undermining her efforts.

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