When Your Mom Is Gone, You Will Realize She Was Your One True Friend

While many people say that parents should not be friends with their children, it is something that sooner or later happens naturally.

If you have a strong relationship with your mom, she will never let you down – not while she can still draw a breath.

And yes, you might be blind to it now but once you lose her you will start coming to terms with how important she truly was and what a great friend she was. The relationship with your mother is easily the most important one you’ll have in your life, and those who’ve experienced this will know how true it is.

As years went by, me and my mother became best friends, and the things that I didn’t dare to talk about with her I can now easily share and she will give me guidance.

We are both extremely honest with each other and care for one another on an incomparable level. I have come to understand that when I was younger I was a complete mess and have also properly apologized to her for that.

She is the only one I know that I can call at 3 in the morning if I needed to talk to someone. Her love for me will never fade and so won’t mine. She has worried about me more than anyone else in my life and I would not trade her for anything.

You will come to understand just how important your mom is once she is gone, but by that time it will be too late.

So please give the woman who brought you into this world more than a minute of your time and try to work on your relationship with her. She is the one who helped shape you into the person you grew up to be, she cared for you when you were at your lowest and at your highest, and even though she was having a hard time, she worked her soul off just to provide you with the things you needed.

Your mother always wanted what’s best for you and worked hard so you can get a shot at a good life.

And even if you find yourself struggling in your 40s, she will always be ready to help in any way she possibly can.

She is the one person who always stood by you when you treated her badly and never stopped working hard so you can have all necessities. She may not be the same person that she used to be now that age is catching up to both of you, but she will never stop loving you with every fiber of her being until her final day on earth… and even in the afterlife.

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