When she is done with you, you won’t be able to change her mind

It’s in women’s nature to be forgiving and empathetic.

Their devotion to the ones they love is truly admirable. But their patience has its limits. 

Women put up with unbearable hardships every single day. They are able to take all the pain in and turn it into energy that helps them grow. They accept, they tolerate, they even look the other way at times. Their unconditional commitment to the ones they care for is beyond this world. But sometimes, even the strongest ones can be thrown off balance, especially when they are deeply hurt by someone they love. 

When it comes to love, women are willing to invest all their time, energy, and strength into establishing a wholesome bond with their partners. They are eager to sacrifice themselves if that’s what it takes to develop a healthy, strong, and lasting relationship. No matter the cost, they will be ready to pay it. 

But you should never mistake a woman’s forgiving nature for weakness. Even though her heart is made of gold, and her soul is full of compassion and empathy, a woman has her boundaries. And when someone crosses them, there is nothing this someone could do to fix the damage. 

If you hurt her feelings, there is nothing you could do to change her mind. 

So the next time you try to manipulate her, lie to her or turn her into a victim of your nasty little mind games, know that this will be the moment you lose her forever. 

She can forgive you once. She can give you a second chance. But if you neglect her effort into keeping your relationship another time, she will walk away for good. No matter how much she loves you, how much time she has spent in strengthening your bond, or how much pain this decision will cost her, she will leave. Even though her heart will be broken, and her world will be shattered, she will know that this is the right thing to do. She will choose herself over a toxic relationship every time. 

After she chooses herself, she will need time to reflect and heal. She will need that time to regain her energy and reconnect with her true powerful self. And when she recovers from the pain, she will remember who she really is and will never let anyone else treat her like that ever again. You will turn into the one mistake that taught her the most valuable life lesson – that not everyone is worthy of her pure love and devotion. 

So, if you don’t want to turn into the most bitter mistake of her life, make sure you never take her for granted. Treat her the way she’s truly worthy of. If you can’t give her the love, affection, and care she deserves, better don’t waste her time. 

Because the moment you cross the line, and she decides she’s done with you, there would be nothing you could do to win her back.

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