When she goes quiet, she has realized that you are no longer worth fighting for

What follows after she stops arguing?

What happens when she no longer tries to fix things? At which point does she fall out of love? 

In many relationships between a man and a woman, females are often called ‘naggy’ for trying to change their partners. They are deemed ‘annoying’ for pushing the ones they love to become better versions of themselves. They are labeled ‘crybabies’ for begging their other halves to make an effort.

And when a woman’s desperate attempts to bring balance into her relationship are met with nothing but indifference over and over again, she simply stops trying. She quits arguing and striving to prove herself right. She stops looking for reasons to continue fighting. When that happens, nothing in the world is powerful enough to change her mind.

Relationships can be extremely challenging and overwhelming at times. They simply cannot be perfect all of the time. But when the love is real, a quarrel or even a heated argument doesn’t break the partners apart. In fact, it can help them make their bond even stronger once they acknowledge their issues and work on finding the best solution. However, if only one of them is willing to compromise, and it’s always the same partner, this person eventually reaches their limit and gives up.

When a woman gets tired of trying to fix her relationship, she walks away and never looks back

It takes two to tango, just like it takes two to nurture a healthy relationship. But when she is the only one going out of her way to make things work, sooner or later, she realizes she is fighting for a lost cause. The moment she reaches her breaking point, she understands that whatever she does, she could never fix what’s broken on her own.

She finally sees that her man has been taking her for granted, disregarding her feelings, and disrespecting her for far too long. That realization helps her see through the facade and reveal his true colors. It lets her know that no matter how much she loves him, she does not deserve to be treated so poorly. No matter how long they have been together, she should be free to let go if she doesn’t feel valued. No matter how desperately he tries to convince her he would change and begs her to stay, she should trust her intuition and walk away.

Because change requires much more than words. Change requires actions.

And when you cannot even remember the last time your significant other did something to change their behavior for the sake of your relationship, you come to the cognizance that they will never do anything to improve. They might say they will move mountains for you, but in reality, they wouldn’t even lift a finger. The saddest part is that you are well-aware of this harsh truth, but you are too afraid to admit it to yourself.

If you can relate to these words, then you have been giving away far too many second chances to a person who does not deserve them. You have been tolerating far too many things you were not supposed to be putting up with. You have been doing the impossible to strengthen a bond that was never stable enough to withstand the test of time. 

But after all the second chances and disappointments you have felt while giving your everything to someone who gives nothing in return, you have realized that you are worthy of so much more. You have understood that you should always be incredibly careful when it comes to giving away your time, energy, and love. You have learned that no relationship should ever be one-sided. 

When a woman suddenly goes quiet, she has reached her breaking point.

When all the arguing, begging, and chasing stops, she has seen that there is no point in trying to revive a dead connection. 

Of course, this is something that goes both ways. Many times, it is the man who goes above and beyond to keep his woman happy, while she does nothing to acknowledge his efforts.

So if your partner is still beside you, if they still do their best to help you become a better person and go the extra mile to keep your relationship whole, you should be beyond thankful for their devotion. Because the second they go quiet, you might lose them forever.

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