When a woman with a heart full of hope falls for a toxic person

She has the power to bring joy to everyone around her. Her soul shines like the brightest stars in the universe. When she loves, she loves deeply.

All the kindness she has in her heart makes her believe there is good in everyone she meets. Sadly, her pure optimism sometimes results in her getting hurt by someone she thought would change for her. She often becomes a victim of narcissists who use her innocence for their nasty little mind games. And after they manage to dim her light, they leave her and move on like she was never a part of their life. 

Why does this stunning woman let others play with her feelings in such a cruel way?

Because she believes.

She believes in change. She believes that people are capable of realizing their mistakes and striving to become better human beings. In her mind, everyone has a kind heart that needs to be loved. This angelic female is hopeful that her vibrant energy is powerful enough to heal a broken soul’s wounds. But oftentimes she is the one who needs someone to help her heal. 

Unfortunately, when such a pure being falls in the trap of a toxic person, she doesn’t see all the signs from the beginning.

When her heart is filled with love, she doesn’t recognize the red flags. And even when she suspects things may not be as good as they seem, she tells herself that all her relationship needs is patience. 

She is not someone who gives up easily. When she feels her connection with her special someone is falling apart, she gives all of her energy into fixing what’s broken. She never loses hope that things can get better. If only she knew not everyone wants to be fixed…

The optimistic woman, full of hopes and dreams, gets crushed by a toxic being whose only goal is to use her. 

Eventually, she becomes a toy in the hands of her toxic partner. They treat her horribly, never take her opinion into account, and always make her feel bad about herself. And while the best thing she could do for herself is walk away, she stays. She stays because she still believes this is only a phase that will fade away. She believes that love always wins. What she doesn’t want to accept is that not all love is real. She refuses to be a part of a world where people who claim to love each other hurt each other the most. 

Luckily, she isn’t someone who can be manipulated forever. She is intelligent enough to know when she has had enough. While seeing the raw truth devastates her, once she realizes she was never loved by this immoral individual, she leaves without looking back. And when she gives herself enough time to reflect and reevaluate her own mindset, she becomes stronger, wiser, and more careful with the people she opens her heart to. 

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