What’s the best way for each introverted Myers-Briggs type to unwind

Not all introverts are the same. Hence, not all of them have the same routine when it comes to taking a break.

What many people still don’t fully understand is that introverts live in an overwhelming environment. To cope with the pressure, they need to take time to recharge. And, as already mentioned, different introverts spend this time differently. Introvert, Dear has some amazing downtime recommendations.

Here’s what helps each introverted Myers-Briggs type regenerate:

1. INTJ – Learn something new.

As an INTJ, you often experience an urge to accomplish valuable tasks. Therefore, learning new things should be the perfect way for you to relax. That’s because acquiring new knowledge gives you the power to recharge your batteries and makes you feel invigorated.

You can do that by reading a book or watching documentaries on a historical era you admire or are simply curious about. You can also have a philosophical discussion with a like-minded person who is also eager to learn. Getting to know new aspiring ideas is perhaps the best way your mind unwinds.

2. INFJ – Connect with fictional characters.

For an INFJ, being able to relate to a fictional character feels cathartic. In the life of an introvert, not many people fully comprehend the challenges they go through. There are quite a few souls who can empathize with their struggles. So, when an INFJ stumbles upon a character whose personality vibes with theirs, the experience is nearly magical.

What’s more, connecting to a character can also help an INFJ understand more about themselves through their desire to understand people in general. Besides, it is much easier to follow an imaginary person’s journey than interact with real-life individuals whose presence overwhelms you on a daily basis.

3. INTP – Solving puzzles.

The best way for an INTP to unwind is by solving logical puzzles that challenge their intelligence. Unlike their everyday encounters with coworkers, clients, family members, and other people who get on their nerves and drain their energy, the act of solving puzzles is much more refined and freeing. Figuring out how to arrange different shapes and objects to form a beautiful picture allows them to focus and reconnect with themselves.

4. INFP – Daydreaming.

What a wonderful world t would be if we could have a place where we can be ourselves. That’s exactly what INFPs wish for. In fact, daydreaming is what helps them truly restore their energy, so having such a utopic place would be… a dream come true.

When they find little time to get lost in their own world, INFPs can reflect on their true values, motivations, and priorities. And if they already have those sorted, they can simply let their thoughts wander. For anyone who identifies as an INFP, this is perhaps the most authentic form of getting in touch with their own feelings. Besides, this is where they come up with some of their most creative ideas, which gives them an extra boost of rejuvenation.

5. ISTJ – Looking through old photos. 

The feeling of nostalgia gives ISTJs a sense of tranquility. Going through memories with the people they love helps them heal their busy minds and prepares them to face the world once more.

Spending time looking at old family photos and videos reminding us of childhood can be incredibly comforting for most of us, but it is a little more special to ISTJs. They might be present-focused but they also find peace in the sentimental longing for the past.

6. ISFJ – Learning historical facts about people.

Reading a book or watching a compelling documentary on the history of humankind is what helps ISFJs unwind. As individuals with an eye for the details, they find joy in history, especially the one that gives clarity on human nature.

Just like ISTJs, they are well aware that by understanding the past you can explain the present and foresee what comes next.

7. ISTP – Working with their hands. 

As a form of relaxation, ISTPs prefer fixing something with their hands. Solving a problem or fixing something that was broken gives them a sense of satisfaction. And if there is nothing around that needs repair, learning a new practical skill that will come in handy in the future is a great downtime alternative.

8. ISFP – Playing with puppies. 

Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy spending time with puppies? Well, ISFPs definitely appreciate a good session of playing with baby animals after a long, stressful period of socializing. Going to a pet store, visiting an animal shelter, or taking a trip to their family’s farm reminds them that the world is not so scary and everyone needs affection from time to time.

Is your personality type among the abovementioned? What do you do to relax? Let us know in the comment section!

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