FINALLY, A Guide to What You Should and Shouldn't Post to Social Media

social media
We all see it every day, sometimes several times a day: questionable social media posts. With the explosion of social media, people tend to forget that people like EMPLOYERS look at social media posts when interviewing potential employees, or even reviewing current employees. Called in sick to work on Wednesday, and there are pictures of you partying Tuesday night on Instagram? I bet an employer wouldn’t be thrilled about that…
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Another thing about social media that people don’t ever consider is that what goes on the internet doesn’t simply just go away. Social media posts can be recovered even after being deleted, so before you post that questionable post/picture, please refer to the following infographic from Taking a second to consider whether or not you should post something to social media is not just a good idea for representing yourself correctly to potential or current employers, it actually makes your social media output more bearable to everyone else on the internet. Just because this infographic is geared towards what recruiters and employers are looking at in reference to your social media posts, trust me – it the same rules apply for your friends.

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