12 Wellness Secrets Healthy & Happy People Want You To Know

12 Wellness Secrets Of Healthy & Happy People

Many factors contribute to wellness and happiness including a healthy well-balanced diet, an active lifestyle, mental health care and a supportive environment. However, if you think that you have to follow a strict diet regimen and go on a rigid work out to plan to be happy, think again.

The secrets below are much simpler and those who are healthy and happy swear by them. So, read on and uncover those potent wellness secrets.

1. Go green

If you don’t have enough greens in your diet, now is the time to start. Greens bring a plethora of health benefits to your body, from glowing skin and better hair to a lower risk of cancer and better bowel movements.

If the taste is not to your liking, mix your spinach with your morning omelet, or blend kale with bananas and other fruits and vegetables for a healthy vitamin packed green smoothie.

2. Ready meals

When the work hours are long, and sleep time is little, we all fall into the same trap; we pick up the most convenient meal and dig in. Even with the best intentions, a busy day can ruin your efforts to eat better.

What you can do to combat that is be prepared. Prepare healthy meals and stack them in boxes in the fridge to be there for you at your time of need, and keep your good eating habits on a streak.

3. Keep fish on the table

Where wellness is concerned, one of the most important foods to consciously include in your diet on a regular basis is fish, preferably twice a week as per The American Heart Association recommendations.

The omega 3 rich fish are known for improving memory and cognition, and are an important part of any healthy diet. The fish that contain the largest amount of omega 3 fatty acids are: mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna, salmon, halibut, river trout, catfish, cod, snapper and tuna.

4. Food is not the enemy

There is a common misconception in health spheres that food is an enemy to be avoided at all costs. One of the secrets of both physical and mental wellness is letting go of this deep-rooted misconception.

Food can be a cure, and maintaining a healthy relationship with food is key to making loving decisions when it comes to nourishing your body. When choosing what to put on the table, think bigger than just calories; think about what will try to nourish you and benefit both your body and taste buds.

5. Go outside

In this day and age, many of us find themselves spending most of their days going from enclosed houses to enclosed workplaces, and then spending the weekend at enclosed cafes and clubs. Even exercise takes place at enclosed gyms. Try to break this cycle and connect with nature to feel happier, and more in touch with yourself and your surroundings.

Do your cardio outdoors, go for a hike, or go for a leisurely stroll with your dog. Spend your weekends in a picnic or on the beach where you can enjoy the sun, and nourish your body and soul.

6. The fountain of life

It is almost impossible to find a health and wellness enthusiast who doesn’t drink plenty of water. Staying properly hydrated has mood-boosting benefits that keep you in good spirits, while keeping your body moisturized and your skin supple.

If you want the health benefits of drinking water, but you find that can’t get your 8 cups of water in, try flavoring your water with different infusions, such as cucumbers and mine, or basil leaves and lemon slices.

7. Let go of goals

Most of us have a long list of goals they want to achieve, and these goals stay like opened tabs in the background causing guilt and feelings of dissatisfaction. One of the simple, but very challenging, wellness secrets is to let go of the goals you cannot actively work on during that period of life.

Have active goals you are working towards, but choose wisely and pick only a few, or even one goal at a time. Let the goals you can’t pursue right now go on hold for the time being, you will have time for them later. This will free you from the guilt and help you enjoy your accomplishments.

8. Do something active every day

The health benefits of physical exercise are well known, but being active benefits more than just your body. Several studies investigated the efficacy of exercise in depression treatment, and the results will have you in your walking shoes today.

Most studies investigate the effects of running and jogging, but some used stationary biking, walking an aerobics, so if you don’t feel up for a jog, you can do any of these other activities and reap the mood-boosting benefits. The NHS recommends 150 active minutes per week, but they stress that even walking for 15 minutes can have mood improving effects. The key to using physical activity to be happy is to do something active every day, no matter how small.

9. Meditate

Meditation is a regular practice for most wellness enthusiasts, and they all swear by its benefits in calming the mind and nourishing the soul. This time you take off from your busy day to spend with yourself is like quality time with you, and will improve your relationship with yourself.

The ancient practice may be challenging at first, but keep at it, and remember that even small mediation sessions are effective in relieving your stress and making you feel better and more relaxed.

10. Learn something new

To keep the mind fresh and feeling young, never stop learning and progressing. Perfect you already existing strength areas, pick up an old hobby, or learn a new skill you have been wanting to master for quite some time. The constant progress will keep your time productive and it will help you grow as a person, and feel good about yourself.

11. Stay strong

One of the most important tips to stay fit and healthy is incorporating a form of strength training into your exercise routine. Now, cardio exercises such as running and walking are often the go-to form of workout for those trying to stay healthy and get in better shape, but strength training is also very important.

First of all, being physically stronger makes you feel better and more capable in the day to day settings, and better able to take care of yourself. In addition to this, strength training has several physical benefits such as increasing some density and, therefore, helps in preventing osteoarthritis, making it especially beneficial to women.

12. Pamper yourself

Take a break from the pressing demands of work, family and friends, and put yourself first at least once a week. Take time off everything to pamper yourself in anyway you see fit. It could be taking yourself out on a date, a quiet night with a book and a cup of your favorite drink or getting a massage; choose whatever makes you happy, and switch things up from time to time to keep yourself happy and recharged.


If you are looking to feel better, both physically and mentally, the above wellness secrets will help you improve your health, lower your anxiety and manage your life better. Remember that everything in life should help make you feel good, and let go of any toxic habits, thoughts or people that are holding you back from feeling good and living well.

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