We Outgrow Those Who Are Unable To Treat Us The Way We Deserve

“But then I wondered if sometimes our friendships are a bit like clothes and when they start feeling uncomfortable it’s not because we’ve done anything wrong. It just means that we’ve outgrown them.”

– Zoe Sugg

The truth is, we outgrow those who are not honest and loyal to us.

Those who say things they know we want to hear but never back up their words with actions. The people who do not care about the way we feel because all they care about is themselves. The people who want to be accepted as they are but expect from us to change.

We outgrow those who do not treat us the way we deserve to be treated and don’t appreciate what we do for them.

The people who are happy regardless of whether they have us in their lives or not. Those who make us feel like we aren’t worth a thing and can be replaced by anyone.

We outgrow those who make us crawl for their attention and time.

Those who make us feel like we are less. Those for whom we always come last and who never have time for us. Because we get to a place there’s no coming back from.

But when we remember our true worth, we will stop selling ourselves short, and start rejecting anyone who does not appreciate us. We will turn our backs on them and walk away, never to look back.

We will not give our souls to people who take us for granted. We prefer to choose ourselves rather than be used by others. We are practicing self-love because we do not have time for those who don’t appreciate us. We outgrow the people who see us as nothing special. The people who keep us close to them just in case they may at some point need something from us.

We outgrow those who cannot give us the love and attention we deserve.

The people who only take but never give. Those who make us question our true value.

We outgrow those who aren’t afraid of giving up on us because they never understood how special we are, and never will.

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