We outgrow those who don’t appreciate us for who we are

The truth is, we outgrow those who are not honest and true to us.

The people who say what we want to hear but never back it up with actions. The people who do not care about our well-being because the only thing they care about is themselves. The people who want us to accept them as they are but are keen on changing and shaping us into what they want us to be.

We outgrow those who do not appreciate our true value and are doing well regardless of whether they have us by their side.

Those who make us feel unappreciated and easily replaceable.

We outgrow those who are unable to feel love for us

We outgrow those who make us get on our knees for a little bit of their attention. People make us feel cheap and undeserving. Those for whom we always come last. Those people who are somehow always busy when it comes to spending time with us.

And then there comes a time when we say enough is enough. We remind ourselves of what we are worth and that we deserve to be treated as decent human beings. Never again will we be selling ourselves short.

We will walk away from those people and never turn our heads back at them. We will not give our souls to someone who takes us granted.

We are choosing our own well-being by practicing self-love.

Because we won’t be wasting our time for people who don’t give a damn about us.

We outgrow the ungrateful people who only keep us around while they find someone who is more interesting to them.

We walk away from those who are unable to give us the love and respect we truly deserve. Those who make us question our own self-worth and do not help us grow in any way.

We say enough is enough to people who are all of a sudden afraid of losing us after they are faced with the prospect of being left behind on their own.

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