7 Ways Empaths Can Go Against Themselves

Empaths are incredibly gifted people and overall most of them have a positive outlook on life.

When at maximum potential, they are strong, caring, and truly a force to be reckoned with.

For those unaware, empaths are people who feel things on an extremely deep level. They are able and do absorb the emotions of others. They are quite spiritual and naturally giving. They are people who we can truly relate to others and can be fascinating in a number of ways.

Even though empaths tend to be overwhelmingly positive and caring, they sometimes do so to a fault. Negative empaths do exist. They are those who have lost touch with their inner sense of power and let the dark side of emotions surround them and consume them.  When in such a state finding proper footing for an empath isn’t easy.

Below we will go through some of the ways empaths lose control of their strength and turn into their own worst enemies.

While not all of them will ring true for all empaths, they will be quite recognizable in the lives of some.

If you feel yourself to be an empath these are important things you need to be aware of.

1. They do not establish proper boundaries

Empaths need to have proper boundaries at all costs. If you do not establish boundaries with people around you as an empath, you will turn into a doormat. If you are unable to say “no”, those closest to you, whether they care or not, will end up using you without even realizing it.

2. They play the victim

Empaths are courageous and strong people, but they can sometimes take on a victim mentality. In such a case, they will feel the entire world turned against them, and every negative emotion they absorb will become too much to handle. When this happens, they will find themselves stuck in a quicksand of emotions from which they cannot get out.

3. They become susceptible to addictive habits

When seeking an escape, empaths will want to block out all of the emotions they are feeling as a form of self-protection. This can often make them turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, or other addictive habits. In truth, many addicts are actually emotional and empathetic people looking for a way out. For them, it is simply a self-protective survival technique.

4. They refuse to give themselves time to recharge

All of us need time to recharge. Empaths need a daily dose of solitude to really bring themselves out of the lower vibrational frequencies. When they deprive themselves of this alone time, they end up quite exhausted. The longer they function without recharging the more physically and mentally devastated they become.

5. They give up on learning more about themselves

Even to their own selves, empaths are always a mystery. They are constantly uncovering and learning about new sides of who they are. When they give up on that knowledge, they are betraying themselves and that is never wise. This creates a state in which negativity rules their home.

6. They have trouble leaving the house

Public spaces can be scary for an empath. Places like shopping malls or grocery stores can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming for people who feel the emotions of others. Walking through a crowd of people for even a brief time can completely exhaust an empath. Even though they enjoy companionship, they are often labeled as loners and introverts because they cannot handle large social gatherings.

7. They can get bored easily

Empaths need stimulation. Work, studying, and domestic life have to be interesting and meaningful for them or they will start daydreaming for other things to do. Empaths are used to be overstimulated so they do not handle downtime too well. Just like with their career choices, they will only do what keeps them entertained.

Are you an empath? Do you relate to many of these struggles?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences.

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