8 Emotional Hurdles Every Introverted Empath Has To Go Through

Introverted empaths experience the world in a unique way.

They have the inner ability to feel other people’s emotions deeply, as their own. It allows them to grasp people in profound and intimate ways, as well as heal them from emotional torment.

But due to their high compassion and caring, empaths are often taken advantage of. It’s difficult to go through life taking in the feelings of others (often even those of strangers).

Here are 8 emotional setbacks every introverted empath has to endure every now and again:

1. Talking can be hard sometimes

For the empath, long periods of solitude and introspectiveness can affect their ability to speak as clearly as they would like to. Shallow small talk conversations can feel like murky puddles when you’d rather be swimming in an ocean of meaning, where you’d feel most comfortable expressing yourself.

2. They can easily get overwhelmed

Highly sensitive introvert empaths often find themselves struggling to filter or push-back the feelings of others, and are also more easily overwhelmed by loud noises and busy social environments.

Combined together, these two things make it common for empaths to be susceptible to panic attacks and overwhelming feelings hard to get under control.

3. They understand the feelings of others but often not their own

This can feel like knowing who has a crush on your friend but you’re oblivious to the possibility that someone likes you. Reading other people’s feelings can be as easy as pie, but sorting out their own complex inner turmoils can be extremely difficult for the introverted empath. For them, the fundamental human trait of self-awareness can be a bit trickier to figure out than for most people. They feel and understand so much that separating their own feelings from the feelings of others can be a difficult task, even though it is a necessary one.

4. They find it difficult to let others into their life

Introverted empaths are loving, caring, and giving people who are amazing friends and passionate lovers.  However, because of their high sensitivity, they are afraid to let other people into their life.

They are extremely cautious when it comes to love, and they cannot fall in love just like that because of fear that they might get hurt.

5. They unwillingly attract negative people

One of the most hated traits of the introverted empath is their unwanted ability to attract negative people. They can be like magnets for negativity due to their strong capability to understand other people’s opinions and emotions.

This is why negative people often like to hook themselves onto them and take advantage of their good nature.

6. They are vulnerable to addictions

Due to their high sensitivity to other people’s emotions and energies, introverted empaths tend to be prone to addictions of all sorts. Oftentimes, they turn to drugs, sexual intercourse, or alcohol in order to block out what they feel from others.

Addiction serves them as a kind of emotional self-protection to shield themselves from external emotions and energies.

7. They are prone to depressive mood swings

Even though introverted empaths are capable of hiding their true feelings well, they are also exposed to mood swings. When they absorb a high level of negative energy they may become unsociable, quiet, and deeply miserable.

8. They are sought after but often not appreciated

When you pay attention to what people say, genuinely care, and have little interest in being the center of attention, people and their problems flock to you. It’s not important if they know you hardly at all, but something about being an empath makes people expose their souls to you. And it’s not that surprising that this happens if we consider how understanding empaths are. However, sometimes this can be frustrating.

Empaths care greatly about the wellbeing of other people, and that is why they may bite their tongues and stay in place to listen to people rant on about the same things. Nevertheless. empaths need to be aware of such one-sided relationships when they’re giving all of themselves and not receiving anywhere near the same in return.

Can you think of any other aspects which can hold introverted empaths back?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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