7 warning signs it’s not Love but Infatuation

Nowadays, our lives are becoming more and more confusing and tangled.

No wonder why we often mistake infatuation for love.

While you may think you’re in love, you might be just charmed by someone’s physical appearance or alluring personality. Love is something much more deeper on an emotional level. After all, if you still have doubts, could it really be love?

Here are 7 signs showing you’re captivated, rather than truly in love.

1. You can’t be yourself around them.

When you’re only infatuated, you don’t really reveal yourself to your partner. You’re too afraid they might disapprove of your behavior, your beliefs, or even your dreams. In order to make them cherish you more, you will try to turn yourself into a person who is more likely to be accepted. Not being able to show your true colors to the person you’re in a relationship with is nowhere near love.

2. You’re insecure about your relationship.

If you’re being insecure about your feelings, or your connection with your partner, then love is no longer on the table. Perhaps it never was. You should reconsider this relationship, especially if you’re constantly feeling anxious and stressed in the presence of your so-called significant other.

3. You want to control them.

Along with the passion, infatuation brings severe jealousy to the table. If you often feel like you want to control your partner, know every little step they make, and hear every word that comes out their mouth, you might be obsessed, rather than in love. Love is all about partnership, not ownership.

4. You can’t notice their flaws.

When you’re only captivated by someone, all you can see is their vibrant charisma. This makes you blind to their imperfections. If you feel like this person is literally flawless, you might be missing out on something. Besides, love is about accepting each other with all your flaws, bad habits, and silly jokes. No one is truly perfect. You just need to find the one whose rough edges match yours.

5. You never question their actions.

Infatuated people are oblivious to red flags. They ignore them as if they were nothing, and they often regret this later on. It’s completely natural to question your partner’s actions, especially if you don’t agree with them. But if you believe that every little thing they do or say is the absolute truth, you might be just dazzled by their attractiveness.

6. Your world turns around them.

If your partner is the center of your world, you might be losing yourself in this relationship. Do you make all of your plans according to them? Do you remember the last time you went out without them? In case you’re insecure answering those questions, what you have might be just an obsession, not love.

7. Your feelings are strong but overwhelming.

Your feelings are extremely powerful, and your emotions are overflooding your headspace. It’s so vigorous, you can’t think of anything else but this person. This is quite unhealthy for your mental stability. And love will never make you experience something so harmful for your wellbeing.

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