Volunteers from all walks of life helped cleaning the streets of Minneapolis after days of rampage

People from all kinds of races and demographics voluntarily cleaned up the streets of Minneapolis after the massive protests.

Volunteers with all sorts of backgrounds were united by the cause to help clean the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area from the leftovers following the destructive riots. The hulking havoc, provoked by the brutal killing of the African-American George Floyd, left behind a chaos of shattered glass, graffiti, and other burnt remains, The Mind Unleashed reveals.

Thoughtful residents from across Minnesota and other states nearby gathered at the Twin Cities’ neighborhoods to pick up the garbage left from the uncontrollable demonstrations, as reported by MPR News.

During the last few days, the US is seeing some of the most aggressive rampages in decades.

Ironically, the volunteers cleaning up the mess after the riots appeared to be drawn from the same diverse demographic groups as the people who took part in them. Amongst the ones who were voluntarily picking up debris, there were black, brown, white, and even Muslim residents. They were all brought together by one cause – to clean the burning streets of Minneapolis.

Ever since the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer, the Twin Cities have been turned into a real-life warzone. Thousands of people protest against police brutality and racism across the United States. While some of the protests are peaceful, most of them are followed by heavy destructiveness with police cars burnt to ashes and people engaging in mass violence.

Jacob Frey, the Mayor of Minneapolis, was severely criticized for his response in the first days of protest. However, on Friday night, Mr. Frey imposed a curfew to help keep the critical situation under control. Additionally, he posted an explanatory message on his official Twitter account:

Fortunately, many locals participated in the Minneapolis cleansing after the protests. 

One of the volunteers was Minneapolis resident Marvin Applewhite. Not only he helped clean up the streets destroyed by the riots, but he also started a GoFundMe page to raise money for cleaning supplies. In the page, Marvin shares:

“I’ve started cleaning up after taking pictures and noticed a lot needs to be done far as cleaning. I’m in need of brooms, bags etc. I want to be able to give the ones who help food, water, and hopefully a little stipend.”

Mr. Applewhite set up the fundraising page on Friday. So far, he has received donations from over 2,000 people who have rapidly exceeded his initial goal of $5,000. As of Monday, June 1st, the cause has raised nearly $49,000.

Helping cleaning up. Being a service in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Posted by Marvin El on Thursday, May 28, 2020

While people in the comment section are admiring Marvin for working on such a great cause, a lot of them are also expressing their support for the calls for justice surrounding the killing of George Floyd. One of the donors, Sharma Affeldt, wrote:

“Bless you Marvin! We have a lot of work to do cleaning up the Twin Cities- both literally and figuratively. Let’s all do this together- it’s past time for change.”

Posted by Marvin El on Thursday, May 28, 2020

The willingness of volunteers from all kinds of demographics to clean up the city following days of catastrophic riots incredibly shows the real face of Minnesotans. Not only they are demanding justice, but they are also ready to face the consequences as a community.

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