Rioters in Dallas hurl ROCKS at a store owner ‘attempting to defend business’ amid the nationwide protests

On Saturday night, rioters in Dallas hurled rocks at a man and brutally beat him while he was allegedly trying to defend his own store with a sword. 

The store owner was seen slumped over in a street with blood streaming from his head in the Dallas Victory Park area. According to police, the victim was in a stable condition, as Mail Online reveals.

In an extremely graphic video, the man can be seen rushing towards the rioters while holding a long blade. It took only seconds for the crowd to attack the business owner. They started hurling rocks at him, brutally kicking him in the head, and punching his face with skateboards and fists.

Image credits: Elijah Schaffer

The police claim the man had taken up arms against the mob to ‘allegedly protect his neighborhood from protesters’.

In the disturbing footage taken by Elijah Schaffer of Blaze TV, the rioters rapidly knock the man unconscious. Some of the onlookers, including the one taking the video, rush over to help the victim, as he lies almost motionless on the ground.

Image credits: Elijah Schaffer

Although the store owner was in a critical condition, he was able to sit up before being taken in an ambulance.

Only in Dallas, there had been 74 arrests by 10:45 pm Saturday from the nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd.

Mr. Floyd, an African-American, died in police custody in Minneapolis, after a white police officer inhumanely pressed his knee on his neck. Since the black man’s brutal public killing, there have been riots and protests all across the United States.

Image credits: REUTERS

Meanwhile, Secret Service agents struggled to keep control of crowds descending at the White House. The government was forced to activate the National Guard.

In New York, the streets were on fire as NYPD vehicles were torched and ransacked. This happened after horrific footage showed policemen violently detaining protesters.

Image credits: AP

In the meantime, in Atlanta, a police officer suffered severe injuries after being hit with an ATV. At the same time, the streets of Chicago have been also on fire. What’s more, a man hijacked a police horse and rode off on it.

Furthermore, the National Guard in Los Angelis was deployed for the first time in 28 years. In 1992, riots spiked after police officers who beat up black man Rodney King walked free of all charges.  At the time, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in LA County.

Image credits: AP

By Sunday morning, a total of 11 states, plus the District of Columbia, had activated the National Guard, including California, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington state. This preventive action was taken as law enforcement buckled under the strain of the protests.

Meanwhile, cities like San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland, Cleveland, and Seattle mobilize curfews to try to bring rioting and looting under control. 

In response to the riots across the states, President Donald Trump has put the Army on notice to deploy to the streets with a four-hour notice.

Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed, is the worst-hit state by the ongoing massive protests. On Sunday, the Minneapolis police department reported a mob of rioters hurling missiles of some sort at officers. Dozens of arrests have been made in Minnesota’s major city.

Image credits: EPA

The Minnesota National Guard announced it was sending 10,800 troops to tackle the protests. Moreover, they said on Twitter they already had more than 4,100 citizen-soldiers and airmen in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Following four long nights of mass-destruction, on Saturday night officials insisted that the area would be brought under control. On the fifth night of the widespread riots, Minneapolis was filled with smoke from the fires caused by protesters.

Image credits: REUTERS

The ongoing anarchy comes as Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has warned the people of a possible renewed spike of coronavirus. Mr. Walz claims that the thousands of protesters on the streets may be the cause of a second COVID-19 wave, while also admitting the state jails may not be able to contain all the rioters taken into custody.

Image credits: AP

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