Videos Show US Capitol Stormers Being Kicked Off Flights After They Were Put On No-Fly Lists

The domestic terrorists who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 have been put on no-fly lists.

  • Bennie G. Thompson, the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, urged the TSA and the FBI to put the rioters on no-fly lists on January 7.
  • Now, people are uploading videos of US Capitol stormers being kicked off flights.
  • In one video, a man shouts: “They kicked me off the plane, they called me a f***ing terrorist and they want to f***ing ruin my life!”

Passengers identified as MAGA rioters are being kicked off flights.

On Friday, a man was filmed shouting at Dulles International Airport outside Washington DC after he was told that he could not board the flight, reported 9GAG. In the video, the man can be seen wearing shorts, a black t-shirt, and a baseball cap. The footage depicts the rioter having a meltdown as he can be heard shouting: They kicked me off the plane, they called me a f***ing terrorist and they want to f***ing ruin my life!” In an attempt to comfort him, another rioter in a red jacket says, “Sir, please calm down. I was kicked off Delta earlier.” 

The woman in the red jacket was also filmed being kicked off her Delta flight.

In a TikTok video, the rioter can be seen walking down the aisle of the plane after she was told that she was put on a no-fly list. As she walks down, she tries to defend herself by saying “I have the right…” and “Freedom of speech”. Despite this, the remaining passengers cheer and shout “Get off the plane!” One passenger can be heard saying,You’re proud of yourself for what you did, man. Get out.”

These videos emerged after Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, released the following statement on January 7.

Given the heinous domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday, I am urging the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use their authorities to add the names of all identified individuals involved in the attack to the federal No-Fly List and keep them off planes. This should include all individuals identified as having entered the Capitol building—an intrusion which threatened the safety of Members of Congress and staff and served as an attack on our Nation.

We already saw reports of ‘unruly mobs’ in air on the way to Washington, D.C. It does not take much imagination to envision how they might act out on their way out of D.C. if allowed to fly unfettered. This is an action that TSA and the FBI, by law, are able to take but, to my knowledge, have not yet taken. Alleged perpetrators of a domestic terrorist attack who have been identified by the FBI should be held accountable.

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