This Amazing Video Shows that Water Actually has Memory

This Amazing Video Shows that Water Actually has a Memory

Water is such an ordinary thing for most people that we forget how absolutely amazing it really is.

For most people it is just the Water is the source of life. Water is the lifeblood of the planet. That’s why I found the following video from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany so amazing.

The researchers discovered that if you examine a drop of water from the same source made by different people – the drops are all unique to that individual.

Basically, if two people took water from the same source and made drops at the same time with the same tools, one person’s drops would all look the same. The drops from the other person would also all look the same, but would be completely different from the other person’s.

Almost as if just the interaction with different people caused the water to look different, even from the same source.


The researchers found that if you added objects to the water like a flower, the drops would appear different as well. Not just between water with and without a flower, but for individual flowers. Water with a rose in it would produce a different drop than water with a daisy. They could literally identify which flower was in the water simply by looking at the water drops from that water, even after the flower was removed.

The water “remembered” it.

Think about it: our entire planet is connected by water and therefore, is full of the memories of where that water has been. As the researcher in this video points out, the water at the head of a river is completely different that the water downstream because of everything that the water contacts on the way.

As water moves, it learns. We, in turn, consume that water and everything that it has “remembered” along the way.

It’s an incredible theory about how we are all really connected to one another. Check out the video, and see what you think.

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