VIDEO: Trump Supporter Pulls Gun On Teenage Girls After He Got Splashed With Water

After he was splashed with water, a Trump supporter pulled a gun on a group of teenage girls.

  • They were able to catch the man on video as he was walking towards them and threatening them with a gun.
  • The teenage girls were not the ones who had thrown water on him.
  • It was another man who had splashed water on him and then ran away.

The girls were able to capture footage of the Trump supporter who was pointing a gun at them.

After being splashed with water, a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at a group of teenage girls – even though the water had been thrown by a third party. Thankfully, the girls were able to catch the man on video and the footage depicts him pointing his gun at the camera. One of the girls uploaded a thread on Twitter and there, she explains what happened in depth.

Twitter user @JustABitAlien uploaded the following tweets:

People questioned what would have happened if the man was not white:

It is important to remember that a real leader would stand up and discourage violence. Trump, on the other hand, has failed to show his disapproval of the behavior of his supports who often get violent when they are faced with criticism.

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