VIDEO: Playful puppy distracts lecturer from supervising exam

Footage of a little puppy distracting a lecturer from supervising an exam has gone viral.

  • The stray puppy lives on the campus in Xinjiang, China.
  • It wandered into a room while an exam was taking place and distracted the supervisor. 
  • A video depicting the playful puppy following the lecturer has now gone viral.

A lecturer in China had trouble supervising her students after a playful puppy wandered into the exam hall. 

According to the Daily Mail, the stray puppy lives on campus in western China’s Xinjiang. Footage has captured the cute stray wandering into the class and playing with the shoes of the supervising lecturer. In the video, one can see the woman trying to ignore the dog while it follows her around and plays with her. In addition to distracting the lecturer, the cute playful puppy also won the hearts of the students who were trying to concentrate on their tests.

Two puppies were brought into the building. 

Alongside the playful puppy, another stray had also wandered into the class. Daily Mail reported that before the exam had begun, some students had seen the two stray puppies outside in the cold. Knowing that they must be freezing, they had brought them into the building and left them in an empty classroom. Naturally, the two puppies found their way out of the room and into the examination hall where they distracted the two lecturers and the students.

One of the lecturers filmed the puppy playing with her colleague.

Speaking to MailOnline, the lecturer explained “It was so cute. My heart was melted watching the pups, so I wanted to capture the moment.” This video quickly went viral on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok. Douyin users commented on the furry intruders with one person writing, “The pup is trying to help the students cheat by distracting the teachers.”

Despite the distraction which they created, the two puppies have now been adopted by one of the university’s lecturers.

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