VIDEO: Mom surprises her father with newborn twins after keeping her pregnancy a SECRET

Surprise! A mom-of-seven surprises her dad with her newborn twins after keeping her pregnancy a secret.

  • Jamie Harris, 41, surprised her father with newborn twins four days after they were born.
  • The mom-of-seven was worried she might worsen her dad’s condition with the overwhelming news, as he suffers from an ill heart.
  • The touching moment was captured in a now-viral video.

Jamie Harris, 41, a school cook from Sudbury, Suffolk, has just become a mother of adorable twin babies while already having five beautiful children. But this time, her pregnancy was quite special, as she decided to keep it a secret from her father because she didn’t want to worry him while he was ill.

Credits: Jamie Harris / SWNS

Jamie’s dad, Michael, 64, suffers from an ill heart, so his daughter hid her pregnancy from her closest people only to avoid worsening his condition by revealing such overwhelming news.

But in January, when babies Betty Vera Hemson and Bertie Harris Hemson were born, the happy mom decided to break the news to their granddad. And as we live in a digital era, she did it via an emotional video call which is now going viral all over the internet, melting everyone’s hearts.

Jamie’s father found out about the newborn twins four days after they were born. 

The proud mom and her partner Craig are the parents of five wonderful kids together. Jamie also has two other children from a previous marriage. Bertie and Betty were born on January 11 at Colchester Hospital.

In the touching video call, taken on January 15, the overjoyed grandpa can be seen breaking into tears after hearing the cheerful news.

Credits: Jamie Harris / SWNS

But to make the situation even more exciting, Jamie first told her father she had given birth to a boy. She then showed him baby boy Bertie, and Michael was absolutely thrilled. Moments later, the mom turned the camera to her newborn daughter Betty. The delighted granddad was beyond surprised to see his daughter had twins. His heartfelt reaction can be seen in the emotional video.

As per Daily Mail, Jamie explains:

“I had Reggie[Jamie’s fifth child] in January 2020 so we didn’t know we were pregnant as I was still feeding him. I then found out it was twins but due to my dad’s ill health decided not to tell him as didn’t want to stress him out, so if dad didn’t know – no one would.”

Credits: Jamie Harris / SWNS

When the mom-of-seven found out she was pregnant with twins, she experienced a “major shock.”

Jamie reveals:

“Reggie was only seven months old and all my children have been c-sections so was very worried too.”

Credits: Jamie Harris / SWNS

The happy mom notes that the pandemic may have influenced the way she chose to tell her family about her babies. She says:

“There’s so much rubbish going on with Covid we wanted to share a little happiness with friends and family for a change. I’m so happy with the way we did our reveal and the comments have been amazing – so glad we did it this way. All the family has met the twins and all get on great.”

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