UNO Confirms You Can’t Stack +2 Cards

UNO has officially announced that you cannot stack +2 cards.

On Twitter, the official account for UNO explained that when a player puts down a +2 card, the other player must simply draw 2 cards and lose their turn. Of course, up until this announcement, very few people have played the game by this rule. As expected, UNO players were shocked (and disappointed) to hear this rule as up until now, players have thrived on the excitement and anticipation of stacking +2 cards. In fact, when competitive players play with their friends and family, they even stack +4 cards on top of +2 cards to ensure that their opponents draw as many cards as possible! Unsurprisingly, this too is considered an incorrect way to play UNO.

UNO players and Twitter users were quick to respond and criticize the tweet:

To make things even more confusing, UNO suggested that this rule does not apply in a 2 player game.

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