8 Unmistakable signs your man is ready to commit

While it may seem like something that should be easy to figure out, sometimes we need a little help to understand when a man is ready to commit.

If you are not certain where things are going yet, then maybe you haven’t considered some important things just yet.

Let us take a look at some of the signs that could indicate true commitment in your man:

1. He is open with you

A man is ready for the next stages when he is open and honest about his thoughts and feelings with you. He does not shy from telling you how he truly feels about you and how much you mean to him.

Most men have their defenses up and do not open up much about what goes on inside of them. When he feels at ease with confiding in you, a man will not be afraid to share anything personal about his past or present life.

He trusts you so much that he isn’t afraid to show you all his weaknesses when you are together.

2. He wants to be close to you

Guys are simple. If it makes him feel good to be near you, he will crave that closeness more and more. When a man is ready for commitment, he will invest in you by spending quality time with you.

He will make plans with you and want to take you places just to see you smile.

But if he rarely reaches out to you, it means he is not motivated enough to take things further. If he is serious about you he will want to be around you a lot.

3. He talks about a shared future with you

When he mentions the future he includes you in it. And this means you are becoming a big part of his life. He wants to show and may even try to impress you with how seriously he is taking his common future with you – and make you understand that he is not like others who are not responsible enough to plan for their future.

He fills you in and never excludes you from his future plans. Rather, he intentionally brings you into them.

4. He has introduced you to his friends and family

When a man wants you to get to know his friends and family, this is a clear sign that he wants you in his life on a long-term basis.

He also wants you to get close to his loved ones; the ones he cares about the most.

5. He listens to you

When a man is ready to commit it means that he has recognized that his life is much better with you in it, and he wants to share it with you.

He will commit when he realizes how much much value and joy a good woman brings into his life that he never had on his own.

And if he asks for your guidance it means he appreciates having your perspective on the things that are most important to him.

So if he asks for your advice and listens when you talk, it is a big sign that he truly has respect for you, and is looking for something deeper with you.

6. You can both be your true selves

The greatest part of being in a loving relationship is that you can just be your unmasked self.

A sign that a man is truly ready to commit is that he can be himself. He is completely open and vulnerable with you. Men do not act this way with most people. So when your man opens up to you a lot, be sure that he is a keeper.

7. He does not flirt with other women

When your man is ready for commitment he won’t flirt with other women. Instead of trying to test your jealousy, he will show you how much you truly mean to him. And the more comfortable you become, the more he will open his world to you.

8. He makes you feel secure

As someone who is ready to do anything for you, your man will make sure that when you are by his side you are happy and at ease. He will work hard to make you feel safe and protect you from danger. You will not have to wonder about whether you can count on him when things get heated.

Do you agree with these points? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you enjoyed the read. 

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