Unlike Extroverts, Most Introverts Do Not Consider Everyone Their Friend

For introverts, the word ‘friend’ carries more meaning and significance than it does for extroverts.

While extroverts can call almost anyone they meet their ‘friend’, introverts divide people into acquaintances and friends. It takes a lot more than just a meeting for an introvert to call someone their friend. That is, for them, a friend is someone who they can let into their inner world and be themselves around. An acquaintance, on the other hand, is a person around who introverts feel uncomfortable as they have to fake their smiles and make meaningless small talk.

It can take months for an introvert to call someone a friend.

After they meet someone for the first time, introverted people take time to analyze and observe the person. They can spend months wondering and considering whether or not they have the potential to be a close friend. In other words, they ask themselves if they can trust the person or have meaningful discussions with them. In contrast with this, extroverts do not spend any time analyzing people. The reason behind this is that they are capable of having small talk and conversations about everyday things without feeling overwhelmed, pressured, and fatigued.

Introverts may seem unfriendly and uninterested. 

To those who do not fully understand them, introverts may seem as though they are unfriendly as they do not seem to put in the effort to make friends. In reality, introverted people are just extremely picky when it comes to making friends. When they do make close friends, they are extremely friendly and can even be talkative! The truth is that introverts do not see the point in spending time and energy on people who they know will not become their close friends.

They learn to outgrow the pressure to be ‘popular’.

Growing up, children often feel pressured to socialize with everyone and become popular. Moreover, it is believed that being popular is synonymous with being (or having the potential to become) successful. For introverts, this is not only difficult but also exhausting as they would much rather stay home or be surrounded by a small group of friends. Ultimately, introverts prefer friends who understand them and their occasional need to be alone.

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