Unique photographs catch a deer sneaking up on a clueless wildlife photographer

Being a wildlife photographer means having patience to wait hours for the possibility of a perfect shot.

  • A photographer in London missed the chance to take the perfect photograph – without even knowing it.
  • While his camera was pointed in one direction, a large stag was standing right behind him.
  • Roger Clark, another wildlife photographer, managed to capture the moment.

The photographer was unaware that a stag was stood behind him.

In the photograph above, one can see the wildlife photographer and his camera focusing on the wrong direction. One can only imagine how long he must have been stood there, waiting for the opportunity to take the perfect shot of a stag – just like the one stood right behind him. Thankfully, another wildlife photographer was also in Bushy Park, West London and was able to capture the moment.

The Daily Mail reported that Roger Clark commented on the photographs he managed to capture:

 We hadn’t covered the red deer breeding season this year and with rutting continuing we through we would try our luck. We spotted a man with a camera mounted on a tripod intently focused on some deer activity in the ferns in front of him unaware of the large animal behind him. Given the angle I was positioned, it looked like the stag was nuzzled up to pick a pocket from his jeans so I took a photo as it looked comical. But it was quite bizarre that a wild animal would be so close without being noticed. A few seconds later the deer backed off and with those large beautiful shiny eyes seemed to look at the photographer and say ‘your model is right behind you! Am I not good enough for you?’ The photographer never did realise the opportunity he missed and the red deer and I collectively gave up and wandered off in different directions.

While the photographer must truly regret not noticing the beautiful, large animal stood behind him, Roger Clark’s unique shots are incredible. 

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