Stop what you’re doing before it’s too late: 8 unhealthy habits that might be destroying your relationship

Sometimes, we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Same happens with the people we are truly in love with, but we don’t care for them as much as they deserve.

We let our negative emotions take over our relationships.

We develop some nasty habits that are slowly ruining our love before our eyes. The crazy thing is, we sometimes don’t even see how our actions are destroying everything around us, including our relationships.

But don’t you worry. There is still time for you to save your love.

Here are 8 toxic habits to let go of, if you truly want to save your love and strengthen your relationship.

1. Criticizing each other.

The point of being in a romantic relationship is to be side by side with someone who supports you and motivates you to be a better person. Criticizing each other will only spread negativity between the two of you. If you just can’t get along, consider whether this is the right person for you. But if there is still compassion and deep love in your relationship, don’t waste it for unnecessarily blaming one another and focusing on the negativeness.

2. Bringing up the past.

The past is behind you for a reason. Constantly bringing it up won’t get you any further in your relationship, and your own self-growth. If you let the past take over, soon your relationship will also be a part of it. You need to understand that it is extremely difficult to move forward when you can’t let go of yesterday’s troubles. Your current argument has nothing to do with what happened that one time three years ago.

3. Being highly co-dependent.

Of course, you and your partner need to spend quality time together. However, you should also be able to respect each other’s personal space. Being obsessed with your partner might ruin things without you even noticing. A quick fix is to give your significant other room to breathe whenever they need it. Try not to push them away with giving too much of what you might call love.

4. Picking unnecessary fights.

Stop turning small things into massive arguments. No one needs that, neither you nor your partner. You need to learn when it’s okay to be mad about something, and when you need to think twice before you go all shouting and blaming your loved one. Sometimes you simply need to let things go.

5. Staying in one place.

If you want your relationship to move forward, you need to grow as a person too. Staying in one place and refusing to improve yourself is unhealthy for both you and your bond with your partner. Life is all about positive change and mental prosperity. Accept the fact that things will inevitably change, and allow yourself to grow alongside your partner.

6. Refusing to talk things out.

We all struggle sometimes when we need to admit our fault. What you need to know is that you are only human, and it’s okay to make mistakes. But not talking about them, and being too stubborn to admit when you’re wrong, will surely harm your relationship. You love your partner, don’t you? So make the effort to be honest with them, and apologize when you need to. This might save your relationship.

7. Keeping score.

You are not in a race. This relationship you have is not a competition where one of you is a winner, and the other one is the loser. You are in this together, so stop keeping score of who has won more arguments, or who is giving more love and affection to the other one. Work on building healthy habits that will help you grow together as a couple.

8. Forgetting to forgive.

Forgiveness is essential for any relationship. When your partner has the courage to be honest with you, and apologize for their mistakes, be the bigger person and forgive them. Holding grudges will only exhaust your love for them and eventually turn it into hatred. However, if there is something that you can’t forgive your significant other about, this might not be the right person for you.

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