7 types of rest your mind and your body need, besides sleeping

Do you start thinking about how you’re gonna tuck yourself underneath your cozy blanket and go to sleep right after you wake up in the morning?  Well, you’re definitely not alone.

But do you want to know a little secret?

Sleeping is not the only way you can get some rest!

For most of us, resting includes stopping all activities, lying down on the bed, or on the couch, and doing nothing productive. Or just doing nothing. That’s the most passive way of relaxing, but there are some more you might not know about.

Have you ever felt tired after a short nap or several hours of sleeping? Perhaps you can’t remember the last time you weren’t feeling drained and exhausted. In case your battery is low all the damn time, and sleep doesn’t help, then you are probably experiencing a rest deficit.

Here are 7 types of rest you’re probably missing out.

1. Physical rest

When you can’t keep your eyes open, and your arms and legs just refuse to work at their full potential, then you need to get some good physical rest. You need to release the tension from the day and soothe your body. This will help you restore the essential energy you need for any physical activities.

You might be working a tough, strength requiring job, or sitting in front of a desk all day. In any case, your body needs a physical rest in the form of body stretching, deep breathing, and taking quality naps.

2. Mental rest

The biggest sign of mental rest deficit is overthinking. If your mind is constantly buzzing and wandering through the past, and looking forward is something you haven’t done in a long time, then you absolutely need a mental break.

Other signs showing you need a mental rest are indecisiveness, restlessness, lack of attentiveness, and an unusually great amount of mistakes in the workplace. The best thing you can do is to take some time in your daily routine for meditation and clearing out your headspace.

You don’t necessarily have to sit with your eyes closed to a weird calming combination of sounds. You can also spend some time in nature, and observe the things you find most mesmerizing and beautiful.

3. Emotional rest

Your brain cannot function properly when you are in desperate need of an emotional break. Unfortunately, nowadays we are constantly forced to suppress our emotions and that drains our energies out.

There are some ways you can take the emotional overload off your mind. For instance, you can share what’s worrying you with a close friend. In case you don’t want to bother anyone with your troubles, you can write them down in a journal. Cutting toxic people out of your life is also an emotional rest.

4. Sensory rest

Your sensory system also needs some rest. All of the eye-strain, neck tension, and headaches you have from work are caused by lacking sensory rest. Spending some time away from the computer screen and electronics, in general, can be extremely beneficial for you.

Around 30 minutes a day away from the digital world can contribute to relaxing both your mind and your body.

5. Creative rest

Do you sometimes feel like you are running out of ideas? That’s the time when you need to take a nice creative break. Things, like planning your sister’s birthday party, or cultivating ideas at your workplace, can really drain your creative juices out.

If you want to take a quality creative rest, you can do things like reading, spending time in nature, listening to music, and doing some doodling. These activities will surely restore your creative energy.

6. Spiritual rest

With our busy lives, we forget we need to take care of our spirituality too. You have to make time for whatever makes your spirits glow. Whether it’s something religious, or artistic, if it wakes up the philosopher in you, do it.

Dive deep in your soul, and find someone who would love to discuss some intelligent topics with you. Besides, you can also go to a museum or an art gallery to wake your creative spirits up. Another thing you can do to have a spiritual rest is practicing gratitude. You can do that by spending a few minutes every day to write down the things you are grateful for in your life.

7. Social rest

Some days you can’t wait to go out and socialize after a long day at work. You think that by gathering with your friends, you’re gonna get off all of the tension. Indeed, sometimes it does the trick. However, socializing does take an extra effort and energy.

A social resting can be done by taking some time for yourself and reconnecting with your own thoughts. You can also spend time with someone with whom you can be your true self, and share all the buzzing thoughts in your mind.

Rest is not only about restoring your physical energy.

Your mind also needs to relax every now and then. After working long hours, or being with the kids all day, you need to take some time for clearing your headspace, as well as resting your body and your soul.

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