What to Expect from a True Twin Flame Relationship

What to Expect from a True Twin Flame Relationship

As a hopeless romantic of sorts, I have to say that I love the notion of a “twin flame” relationship. I first read about the principles of a twin flame relationship a couple of years ago, and thought to myself: “Man, I’ve got to find one of these.” That’s the tricky thing about a twin flame relationship, though – you can’t just seek one out. They have to happen naturally. Anyone who has experienced a twin flame relationship will tell you, they are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. If You’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a twin flame relationship, here is what you can expect over a typical relationship:
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Experiencing over Understanding

In most relationships, we spend so much time trying to figure the relationship out, instead of just enjoying it. The twin flame relationship is all about just enjoying the moment. You’re not trying to figure out every little dynamic, you’re just along for the ride.

Growing over Changing

One major component of a true twin flame relationship is that there is an emphasis on personal growth. The relationship becomes the basis for personal development. Anytime we make the conscious decision to change ourselves, there is a period of time that we have to get out of our comfort zones. A twin flame relationship becomes like a home base of operations for these changes. Comfort, understanding, and support are all traits of a true twin flame relationship.
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Patience over Direction

In typical relationships, people often times get caught up in “where the relationship is going.” A twin flame relationship is more like a journey with no destination. There is no pressure from with person to move the relationship toward one destination or another. Sometimes the best trips you can take are the ones without maps.
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Individuality over “The Couple”

A huge difference in twin flame relationships over typical relationships is the emphasis on the individual. Typical relationships focus on “the couple” like it is an entity in and of itself. Twin flame relationships focus on two people being themselves outside of the relationship. It’s more about how the two people fit together as separate people, and not how to mush two people into one collective.

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